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26th May 2021

Discover the first issue of BrewUp Magazine! Available for free now on!

The first issue of BrewUp Magazine, the biannual publication by The Brewers of Europe, for all European brewers and the beer supply is available now! Register on BrewUp and access it for free!

Today, The Brewers of Europe is releasing the first issue of BrewUp Magazine, its biannual publication that covers items of importance for the brewing sector at European and national levels. It is made of contributions by brewers, maltsters, hop growers, national brewing association leaders, technical advisors and policy directors and aims at informing you about the latest developments and upcoming trends in the European brewing industry.

The first issue of BrewUp Magazine reports about how brewers reacted to the pandemic by showing solidarity with the healthcare sector and the wider society as well as how the reopening of the hospitality sector can contribute to a dynamic and sustainable recovery. Sustainability is also covered extensively in this first issue, as it will be a key driver of the recovery and has been embraced for many years already by the brewing sector. Examples of best-practices and expert opinions on issues such as organic production, circularity and secondary material are presented in this edition.

BrewUp Magazine also shed light on the 150th anniversary of the German Brewers Association with the interview of its President, Dr Lehmann. Jonathan Neame, Chief Executive of Shepherd Neame Ltd (UK) and Board member of The Brewers of Europe shares a UK perspective on the impact of Brexit on the brewing economy. This edition also highlights two important events scheduled early June: the third edition of the Brewers Forum that takes place 1-4 June, fully online and fully free, as well as the publication on the 08th of June of the “Beer Brewing Guide: the EBC Quality Handbook for Small Breweries” authored by Christopher and Nancy McGreger and facilitated by The Brewers of Europe and the European Brewery Convention.



How to access BrewUp Magazine?

  • Go on the BrewUp website, the European brewers’ knowledge platform
  • Login. If you’re not registered, please do so. It’s free of charge!
  • Once you’re logged in, you can download the first issue of BrewUp Magazine. Feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues. Happy reading!

Press release from Brewers of Europe