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1st October 2012

Dizzying Heights for Dizzy Blonde

Following a rebrand at the start of 2012, Robinsons Dizzy Blonde ale has taken the North West by storm and is now on the cusp on national stardom.

Robinsons Off-Trade and Export Manager, Kate Darbyshire, has confirmed both Tesco and Morrisons are dazzled by Dizzy and will be stocking this zesty blonde ale in their stores – NATIONALLY!

Oliver Robinson, joint Managing Director at Robinsons, explains Dizzy Blonde’s progress: “The popularity of Dizzy – or Peggy, as she’s known at the brewery, is not only a reflection of our investment into our brands, but is an indication of how Robinsons brews quality craft ales, which are responsive to consumer trends.  Dizzy is perfectly pitched to hit the spot for the current trend for light hoppy golden beer which is growing 20%* year on year.”


Shelves at Tesco and Morrisons will be stocked with Dizzy Blonde by mid October- giving ale fans the opportunity to enjoy Dizzy across the UK.  In celebration of Dizzy’s popularity, fans can now order Dizzy Blonde glassware and T-shirts from


 *Premium bottled ale report 2012, P.9




Photo 1: Dizzy Blonde Bottle

Photo 2: Dizzy Blonde Pump clip

Photo 3: Dizzy Success Pie Charts


Editor’s Notes:

Morrisons also stock ‘build a rocket boys!’ – the hit ale created by elbow, brewed by Robinsons – in all of their national stores (450 stores across the UK).


There’s something about Dizzy that has truly come alive as a direct result of Robinsons 2012 rebrand…and the results speak for themselves: + 30% increase in Free Trade, + 23% across Robinsons tenanted pub estate, and now two of the nation’s favourite supermarkets (Tesco and Morrisons) will soon be stocking their shelves with Dizzy…nationally…not bad, considering there’s a ‘recession’!


Other Robinsons’ beers currently stocked – regionally – in Tesco’s and Morrisons:

Unicorn – 36 Tesco stores and 23 Morrisons stores across the local North West Area

Old Tom bottle – 670 Tesco stores across the UK and 23 Morrisons stores in the local North West area

Old Tom Ginger – 23 across the local North West area

Frederic’s Great British Ginger Beer bottle – 107 Tesco stores across the local North West area


For further information please contact or call 0161 480 6571