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16th September 2021

Drinkaware supports National Hospitality Day and the sectors workforce – an open letter from Elaine Hindal, Chief Executive of Drinkaware

Elaine Hindal, Chief Executive Drinkaware

National Hospitality Day is a fitting tribute to everyone in the industry who has worked so hard to look after their customers and keep businesses afloat over the last 18 months.     

It is welcome to see that the role hospitality has as an employer is central to the day and Drinkaware understands the impact the pandemic has had on individuals affected by lockdown, furlough, and the risk of redundancy. So, it is appropriate that many participating venues are building a charitable element into their activities with funds raised being donated to four key hospitality industry charities that provide care for those in the hospitality family who need physical, well-being, financial or employment support.  

This is a sector impacted more than most by the pandemic and the day reflects how much people missed hospitality when it was closed. It provides an opportunity to reinforce the industry’s importance to the British way of life and economy, and rediscover the value of pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, and venues.     

It is also a chance to recapture the enthusiasm that people have for meeting up with family and friends in a regulated environment. By providing confidence in returning to these key community assets, with experiences that help create positive memories, National Hospitality Day has the potential to develop occasions that create repeat visits and help rebuild an industry that has been decimated by COVID. 

The individuals who work in hospitality are essential to the success of any venue and many of them continue to deal with ongoing problems such as staff shortages and supply chain disruption. The practical assistance provided through fundraising on National Hospitality Day will be a welcome boost and it is an opportunity for us all to think about how we can help those around us.  

Drinkaware stands alongside everyone in the sector who is either caring for team members or who needs care themselves. Our advice, tools and resources are freely available for anyone who may be turning to alcohol to cope with the challenges they face, who wants to break a drinking habit or to make more informed choices about their drinking. As National Hospitality Day celebrates the resilience of the industry, please visit for more information about how we can support you and your colleagues today and every day. 

Elaine Hindal

Press release from Drinkaware