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7th May 2020

DRINKS LAUNCH: Gosnells Essential Mead Home Brew Kit


MR GOSNELL HAS THE KIT (To Brew your own Mead)

How do you combine a home smelling of honey, with an educational experience, followed by hours of self-satisfied bliss?

Gosnells ESSENTIAL MEAD HOME BREW KIT is the answer.

Air fresheners will be consigned to the past as homes are transformed into mellifluous honeypots.

The kits will include everything you need to know about making mead, but were afraid to ask.

“The process should take 28 days from start to a highly drinkable finish. We give advice on how to make it, and how to pair the mead with foods or make it into a very special cocktail,” says Tom Gosnell, who founded his meadery in Peckham in 2014. “The honey in the kit gives you the capacity for 4.5 litres of your own home mead.”

Homebrew kits for beer have been with us since the 1930s, according to beer historian Martyn Cornell, and grew strongly after licensing for home brewing was declared unnecessary in the 1963 budget: But the idea of bringing the fermentation of that delicious thing ‘honey’ into people’s homes has been but a pipedream until now. This is the first such mead kit to be made commercially in Britain.

“I am mad about bees” says Tom, “as what they eat defines the flavour of their honey, and of our meads. So our borage mead tastes different from our heather or eucalyptus meads; and the orange blossom honey we use in our Gosnells Classic 5.5% is different again, more like a buttery Meursault or a Loire Chenin Blanc.

“For these kits we have used a blend of European Blossom honeys; but going forward, we may well add variations to the kit to include a wider range of honeys, or maybe add flower petals or spices.”

The Gosnells home brew Mead Kit includes a re-purposed plastic honey bucket filled with all the basic gear you need to brew your very own hydromel mead at home, with your own fermenting vessel, honey, yeast, bottles and much more.

The Essential Mead Home Brew Kit costs £35 (inc P&P) from, and comes with written guidelines to follow through, plus a full video of Gosnells Meaderers Will and James talking customers through the process:

Of course, the experts at Gosnells will also be on hand to answer any questions sent in their direction.

May 7th 2020


For more information contact Natasha Najm on