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24th August 2021

EBCU workshop – 23rd September 2021 “Is the beer industry unwelcoming?”

Our next workshop of the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) will be held on Thursday 23rd September 2021 at 20:00 CET, 19:00 BST

“Is the beer industry unwelcoming?” with Christine Cryne and Jing Chen

Despite some improvements, there is still a lack of women involved in the European beer industry. Although it cannot be proved (no figures are available), the Brewers Association in the USA quotes  from a survey in 2019 ‘about 7.5% of the staff of reporting breweries employed a female in the brewer role’ although this grows to 14% in the “production, non-brewers” staff roles.

Perhaps then it is not surprising that UK’s Dea Latis says that only 17% of women drink beer at least once a week (compared to 53% of men). They also add that male-oriented advertising is the main barrier to over a quarter (27%) of women drinking beer – rising even higher for the 18-24 year-old female group to almost half (48%).

The situation is equally bad regarding people from a non-white background. Again, no figures are available for Europe but the USA report that only 12% their craft breweries are owned by non-whites and there are even fewer when it comes to brewing staff (11%). If you think these figures for diversity are poor, the involvement of LGBTQ people seems even worse although no one at all seems to report on these!

All of these three sectors have people who drink beer and many feel that the industry does not reach out to them. What are the barriers to engagement? What has been tried and what worked and didn’t work? And what can drinkers do to make the beer industry truly inclusive?

This workshop will be chaired by Christine Cryne Master Trainer, accredited EBCU beer judge. She will be joined by three people from the beer industry including Jing Chen, co-owner of the Black Lab Brewery and Bistro in Barcelona.

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