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6th July 2017

European craft brewer Riegele, now available in the United  States, named 2017 German Brewery of the Year

BERLIN, GERMANY – July 5, 2017, 2017 – German craft brewer Riegele (pronounced Rig-ula), one of the most decorated craft breweries in Europe, continues to amass awards for its beers. The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the counterpart to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, just named Riegele 2017 German Brewery of the Year, bestowing the “Bundesehrenpreis” award for outstanding achievements in the DLG Quality Test for Beer.


The Bundesehrenpreis is the most prestigious award that German food and beverage companies can hold; Riegele was one of only a dozen German breweries to receive the honor out of 180 German breweries and more than 1,000 beers. Riegele received 22 gold medals and one silver medal for its products.

This award and medals follow on the heels of last month’s recognition at the Meiningers International Craft Beer Award, in which Riegele was named International Craft Brewer of the Year with 17 medals; four platinum, four gold and nine silver.

“We are so honored to continue to receive such high accolades for our beers,” explained Sebastian Priller Riegele, world champion beer sommelier and Riegele’s 28th generation brewer. “The Riegele family has focused on producing outstanding beers since 1386, and it’s incredibly fulfilling to have our hard work continue to be recognized and rewarded.”

In addition to the recent awards, the Bavarian brewery won a dozen medals at last year’s Meiningers International Craft Beer Award, and its Riegele Augustus 8 was named the 2016 German Craft Beer of the Year. The brewery has also been voted as Europe’s Best Brewery at the European Beer Star and 2016 World Cup of Beer; named 2015 German Craft Brewery of the Year; won the prestigious DLG National Prize an unprecedented nine times in a row; and had its Commerzienrat Riegele Privat proclaimed 2010 German Beer of the Decade.

Founded in 1386, Riegele is acknowledged as one of Germany’s leading breweries in respect to quality and beer culture. Riegele is imported to the United States by Luxe Brands and is currently being distributed in bottle and draft by Cavalier Distributing in FL, OH and IN; Sarene Craft Beer Distributors in NY; River City Distributing in KY: and Massachusetts Beverage Alliance in MA, with more markets to come. For more information, visit or follow the brewery on Facebook @brauhaus.riegele.