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30th January 2013


Family Brewers’ corporation tax four times more than Google, Amazon and Starbucks combined


The Independent Family Brewers of Britain has revealed that its contribution to HM Revenue & Customs in the last tax year totals almost half a billion pounds.


Following research with 20 members, it is estimated that Family Brewers’ members and employees contributed £496.5m to the UK economy last year.  Of this total, over £200m is comprised of excise duty and £169.5m is VAT, equal to 5.8 per cent and 0.2 per cent of the UK’s total tax revenue respectively.


In addition, the Family Brewers have collectively paid over £34m in corporation tax, dwarfing the £6m reportedly paid by technology giant Google, the £1.8m reportedly paid by internet retail giant Amazon and the zero contribution made by coffee chain Starbucks.


The news comes after the Family Brewers announced a turnover of almost £1.6 billion across its members, with 17,000 full-time employees and 21,000 employed with the Family Brewers on a part-time basis.


James Staughton, Chairman of the Independent Family Brewers of Britain, comments: “These figures speak for themselves.  To help our licensees’ long-term future and profitability, we encourage the Government to scrap the beer duty escalator and consider a reduction in VAT charged in pubs on drink, food and accommodation, in order to offset unfair supermarket competition and stimulate economic growth and employment in our industry.”


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Notes to editors

The Independent Family Brewers of Britain was founded in 1993 to defend the tie and currently operates over 4,100 pubs in the UK; its members include some of the most respected brewers in Britain.  The Family Brewers represent a distinct and unique sector of the UK brewing industry; owning regional breweries and pub estates, with the majority being private, family run businesses.


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