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11th November 2021


Hepworth Brewery is proud to now offer a range of organic beers in a variety of styles, from a non-alcoholic lager to an award-winning ale.

Hepworth’s organic ales, lagers and stouts are not only better for you, but also help take care of the environment. By buying organic, you are supporting sustainable farming practises by ensuring the hops, malt and yeast in the beers are “high quality and in sufficient quantity using processes that do not harm the environment, human health, plant health or animal health and welfare” and “work within natural systems and cycles at all levels, from the soil to plants and animals, maintaining the long-term fertility and biological activity of soils”.

The approach is both kinder on the planet, leaving the earth to manage its own biodiversity, and makes sure that we don’t consumer any unnecessary harmful chemicals

When it comes to Hepworth’s products, organic does not mean a compromise on taste or variety. The West Sussex brewery strongly believes that by creating organic beer is one of the main contributions they can make to improving the current state of the climate but also wants to make sure flavour and traditional techniques always come first. Evidence for its quality has recently been demonstrated at The Great British Food Awards, with organic ale The Right Stuff winning the title of best beer.

Here’s the current range of organic beers available from Hepworth:

The Right Stuff

An organic ale made with locally sourced barley from Sussex and organically grown American style hops.

The Right Stuff is brewed from Chinook and Cascade hops to reflect its American nature. The result is a naturally carbonated, gluten free and vegan friendly ale which is full and fruitily flavoured. It is 5% ABV and has been bottled conditioned so it improves with time. In addition, The Right Stuff contains no additives or preservatives.

The Right Stuff recently won best beer in the The Great British Food Awards, the first organic beer to achieve this accolade which is a testament to its taste as well as its production method.


An organic, low alcohol lager made with agave, Aztec Agave Brewed Organic Lager has the traditional flavours of a full-strength lager that is brewed with a blend of Czech and German type hops and malts. The lager is then blended with both the syrup and inulin (dietary fibre) of the Agave cactus.

This gives the lager its distinctive body, flavour, and refreshing character of a continental lager, but with only 0.5% ABV.

The new Aztec Agave Brewed Organic Lager is gluten free and vegan friendly. It also only contains 65 calories per serving (13 cal per 100ml), 69% less than a leading continental lager and 40% less than its alcohol-free equivalent.

It also did well at The Great British Food Awards, taking the highly commended title from the low alcohol sector – the only beer to earn this in this sector usually dominated by non-alcoholic spirits and wines.

Blonde Lager

Hepworth utilises its local organic barley and citrus-spiked Admiral hops in this blonde lager. It’s crisp with a strong body and a long floral finish, making it great to pair with food. Naturally gluten free, it’s also suitable for vegans.


Prospect is a bottle conditioned traditional Pale Ale, with an intriguing bitter note skilfully blended with Sussex grown barley malt to deliver a well-balanced natural brew. The organically grown ingredients mature slowly to create a traditional real ale. 4.5% abv. Naturally gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Head Brewer and MD of Hepworth Brewery, Andy Hepworth said: “We knew that ‘The Right Stuff was ‘The Right Stuff’ and now it is officially confirmed. It is the first Organic beer to win The Great British Food Awards. An American style Pale Ale (APA) 5% alc, brewed from organically grown barley at Goodwood on the Sussex Downs and bottle conditioned, it makes great beer that improves with age.

“Aztec is in a class of its own. As the only Highly Commended beer in the low alcohol category of the Great British Food Awards it means it was the best low alcohol beer.’

Fermented Agave was the preserve of the Aztec priests, no longer although this beer is truly divine.

“The two awards at the Great British Food Awards prove that organic beers have come of age. Over the twenty years we have been brewing then we have seen the quality of the organically ingredients improve dramatically. Brewing great beer is so much easier when you start with the great ingredients. The fact they are grown locally and organically means it is kinder to the planet, something I don’t think we need to explain any more.

All beers are available to purchase in selected retailers and via Hepworth’s Brewery Shop in Pulborough, West Sussex. Prices available on request online and home delivery is available for retail purchases.

Please visit for further information.


About Hepworth

Hepworth & Company is an award-winning brewery, creating craft and contemporary beers for both on and off trade as well as white labelling services. Hepworth & Company attributes its success to its core philosophies of traditional brewing methods, local sourcing of the main ingredients of the beer to the highest standard, and tremendous craftsmanship that results in the perfect pint.

Hepworth & Company has a range of 14 beers and lagers, the majority of which are gluten free and suitable for vegans, thanks to the brewing process on certain beers used that removes gluten naturally. It is also looking to diversify into low alcohol beers and flavoured beers in 2021.

Hepworth & Company is also leading the way when it comes to sustainability in brewing, with its site in the heart of West Sussex being the proud pioneer of a beer sourced heat pump.

Hepworth & Company also produces beers for other household names, such as Marks & Spencer.

The brewery also has a brewery shop, visitor centre and tap room.


Press release from Hepworth & Company

For press enquiries, please contact:

Louisa Clack,, 07903841913.