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14th March 2013


Carlsberg, one of the world’s leading beer brands, has released its new online campaign, “Carlsberg puts friendship to the test”, bolstering the beer’s positioning of “That Calls for a Carlsberg.”


Asking “How far would you go for a friend?” the new online film provides a twist to Carlsberg’s strapline, ”That Calls for a Carlsberg“ through a real life, high drama set up, caught on hidden camera.


The global campaign is being released on YouTube on 13th March and is being supported by significant digital marketing and PR.


Carlsberg puts friendship to the test by placing volunteers’ unsuspecting friends in the ultimate, dramatic and nerve-wracking situation. Receiving a call in the middle of the night by their best friend who finds himself in a sticky situation during a game of poker, they’re asked, “How far would they go for a friend?”


Our protagonist must hand over €300 to save their mate from a dangerous poker game but a series of challenges unfold, calling on them to muster all their courage to see just how far they will go to stand up for their friend.


In true Carlsberg style, reward comes to those who persevere and the video ends with the challenge being revealed for what it is – an elaborate test of true friendship! These people have stood up for their friends, and that definitely calls for a Carlsberg!


Commenting on the video, Thomas Moradpour, Carlsberg’s Vice President, Carlsberg Brand, says: “We’re giving a stage for friends to show what they’re made of. The situation is orchestrated, but the reactions or our participants are real, and prompts the viewer to ask, ‘What would they do in that situation?’ We caught ordinary friends red-handed being amazing… that calls for a Carlsberg.”


Carlsberg is currently the fastest growing lager brand in the UK.


The video was created by Belgian-based creative agency Duval Guillaume Modem.


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