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28th January 2022

From Gabe Cook: Global cider expert launches new cider membership business

Photo Credit: Leszek Ciesiolka

An award-winning, global cider expert has unveiled a new membership business – a multi-channel platform solely dedicated to celebrating cider.  Gabe Cook, aka The Ciderologist, launched his Patreon page last week and seeks to bring together a worldwide cider community.

“Prior to Covid-19, cider was undergoing unprecedented growth, progress and excitement, but like all drinks categories, has been hit hard over the last two years”, said Mr Cook.  “Through the pandemic, much of my work has switched online, which has enabled me to connect with cider makers, servers and fans across the planet.  The Ciderologist Patreon enables me to bring this cider community together to learn, share and entertain.”

The Patreon platform enables subscribers to pay a monthly fee to gain access to exclusive content, with different tiers of rising cost unlocking increasing quantities of benefit.

“People signing up the Stinking Bishop Tier, for example, will be able to access exclusive articles, news round ups, cider maker interviews, online chat rooms, free merchandise, discounts with cider makers and live tasting sessions,” Mr Cook informs.

Although UK-based, The Ciderologist operates as a global business, having taken Mr Cook as far afield as Norway, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Japan. “Every country has an entirely unique cider heritage and culture, which I love exploring and sharing,” he says. “This membership club will enable cider fans to come together in a singular place, not matter where in they world they are.  It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

As an extra incentive, anyone who signs up for January’s subscription will go into the hat for the opportunity to win a lifetime’s FREE membership of the tier they purchased.

To sign up to The Ciderologist Patreon, head to