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29th October 2021

Awards for 14 members in the North American Guild of Beer Writers’ Awards

Fourteen members of the British Guild of Beer Writers picked up a string of prizes and honourable mentions at the annual awards ceremony held by the North American Guild of Beer Writers on October 9.

Guild members swept the Best Beer Review category with Eoghan Walsh taking home first prize with his review Zinnebir – A Beer for Living In in Pellicle Magazine, Martyn Cornell came in second with So What Happens if You Mix the New Guinness 0.0 with Guinness Foreign Extra Stout? on his Zythophile blog and Jonny Garrett took third for 15 Years of Endless Summer — How Thornbridge Jaipur Changed British Beer in Good Beer Hunting. Em Sauter received an honourable mention for her review of Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales: Oro de Calabaza in The Alcohol Professor.

The Best Short Form Writing category was also swept by Guild members with Eoghan Walsh again taking first place for Thirst // This Must be the Place in Brussels Beer City, Ashley Joanna in second with her piece The Postman in Belgian Smaak, and Breandán Kearney third with B-Roll no. 590 in Good Beer Hunting.

Eoghan Walsh went on to pick up three more awards, taking home five in all, including:

Breandán Kearney also took home another two awards and an honourable mention, including:

Beth Demmon came in first place in the Best Commentary category with her piece Work, Worth, and Wreckage — When Your Job Is Your Life, What Happens When You Lose It? for Good Beer Hunting, second place for Best Blog with Prohibitchin‘, and received and honourable mention in the Best Business Writing category for Division in the Ranks — How Should Leadership Organizations Handle Members Breaking the Rules? in Good Beer Hunting.

Mark Dredge took home first place in the Best Historical Writing category with his piece Respect Your Elders — How Fuggle and Golding Hops Changed Modern Beer Forever in Good Beer Hunting.

Matthew Curtis was recognized with second place in the Best Brewery Profile category with his profile of The Brewery of St Mars of the Desert in Sheffield in Pellicle Magazine Everything in its Right Place and came in third in the Best Podcast/ Broadcast category with The Pellicle Podcast.

Lucy Corne took second place for the Best Local Reporting category with her piece in Good Beer Hunting Hop Farming in the Face of Adversity — Khaya Maloney in Johannesburg, South Africa.

David Jesudason came in third in the Best National/ International Reporting category with his piece in Pellicle Magazine Desi Style – The History and Significance of England’s Anglo-Asian Pubs.

And the following members received honourable mentions:

Congratulations to all winners. Further details are available on the NAGBW website here.