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18th March 2013

“Get together and list your local” urges Community Pubs Minster at BeerX

Speaking at SIBA BeerX in Sheffield, Community Pubs Minister Brandon Lewis called on communities to “get together and list your local.”

He said, “Listing a pub as a community asset is a simple process, requiring support from just 21 local people on the electoral register. Already, more than 40 pubs have been registered as community assets.“

Lewis described the community pub as “more than just a place to grab a pint and a packet of crisps – they are the heartbeat of the communities they serve.”

He continued, “Every publican is an entrepreneur and they pack a powerful economic punch locally.

“Like Laurel and Hardy and other great partners, good pubs and good beer go hand in hand. I’m delighted to see that more pubs are selling local beers and reaping the rewards of offering their customers something different.

Lewis referred to a recent visit to Maxim Brewery in County Durham, saying he had been impressed by their resourcefulness and determination to making their brewery, and their four pubs, a success.

He also praised the British pub’s adaptability. “Throughout our country’s history, pubs have shown a desire to adapt and innovate. No matter what guise they take, communities across the UK rely on their local pub.”

Turning to the local brewing industry, Lewis referred to Smaller Breweries’ Relief, introduced in 2002 and now providing brewers with tax relief worth £30 million annually. He added, “The whole industry benefits from the diversity of beers that small brewers are able to offer, thanks to Small Breweries’ Relief.”



The pub industry, he said, “stands for hard work, innovation and honest endeavour”, and he asked all to join him in raising a glass to communities protecting their local assets, including the local pub.



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