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18th May 2022

Glasgow’s first women-run beer festival a sold-out success, raising money for local charity

The Glasladies Collaboration Series Festival, held on 7 May 2022 has raised £450 for local charity Ubuntu Women Shelter.

Local group The Glasladies Beer Society became the first female/non-binary organisation to host a beer festival in Glasgow, the culmination of a collaboration series with seven local breweries.

The Society was founded with an aim to provide a safe and inclusive space for women and non-binary people in an otherwise male dominated industry. Supporting Ubuntu Women Charity was a natural fit as it self describes as a Black feminist organisation.

A spokesperson for the charity said, “We are honoured to be sponsored by The Glasladies Beer Society and very pleased to accept their generous donation of £450. The funds will be used to support the work we do to provide practical support to women and nonbinary people who do not have recourse to public funds. Being sponsored by a beer festival was not something we expected, but the group and their mandate aligns well with our organisation’s values and we are grateful for their help in spreading the word about our work.”

The Society is thrilled with the resounding success of their first large-scale event. “We wanted to raise awareness about the need for real change in our industry”, said Jennifer Dickson, a member of the festival planning committee. “We tried to eliminate many of the things we didn’t enjoy about other festivals, while making sure we did all we could to ensure that our event was welcoming to a wide range of people.”

The success of the festival – which sold out in advance – has shown that a small, non-corporate group can organise a family-friendly, accessible event showcasing the variety of the local brewing industry,  while still adhering to professional-level event standards.

The breweries that participated were full of praise for the event.

Phil Sisson, owner of Simple Things Fermentations said, “The whole project has been a real welcome boost for the breweries at a time when positivity isn’t always so easy to come by. People always talk about the importance for supporting small producers; the Glasladies Beer Society consistently turn those sentiments into action, which makes it all the more valuable and appreciated.”

Harry Weskin of Dookit Brewing said, “Thank you and congratulations to all the team at Glasladies! The festival was a great success and all your hard work really paid off. It’s so exciting to have a festival like this on the Glasgow scene. I was extremely proud that Dookit could be a part of it.”

The Society would like to build on this success and plans for future events are already in the works. In the meantime, they welcome local women and non-binary people to join the Facebook group and help grow the community.

Follow The Glasladies Beer Society on social media:


Twitter: @glasladiesbeer

Instagram: @glasladiesbeersociety

Glasladies Beer Society Mission Statement:

To Engage with women and non binary persons as consumers and subject matter experts.

To Educate these groups about the wide variety of beer styles available for every kind of palate and about women and non binary persons in the industry, both historic and contemporary.

To Empower women and non binary persons to play a more active role in the industry as consumers and agents for change.

Ubuntu Women Shelter:

Twitter: @ubuntuglasgow

Instagram: @ubuntuwomenshelter


Press release from the Glasladies Beer Society

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