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25th July 2013

Grolsch Launches Swingtop Challenge at Brighton’s Hobgoblin on 31 July 2013

Grolsch, a leading brewer for over 400 years, known for its unique brand and individual style, visits Brighton on 31 July to launch its 2013 Swingtop Challenge at the Hobgoblin pub. 
The exciting evening will feature a top London graffiti artist painting live for the entertainment of guests and creating a bespoke graffiti mural on the wall of the beer garden. The artist plans to capture the boldness of the brand, as well as the movement of the Swingtop opening techniques from the Challenge itself.
Consumers will be invited to enter a 2.1m square interactive gaming cube to open as many virtual bottles as they can, to score points and win prizes. Grolsch is challenging consumers to perfect three of the most famous Swingtop opening techniques; the Swingtop Chop, The Slice and The Booty Pop and then share what they create via the Grolsch Facebook page. 
Prizes up for grabs include Beats Headphones, Wowee Speakers, Grolsch Swingtop pens and even a trip to Amsterdam for two to attend an amazing global Swingtop Experience. The launch event will kick-start a tour of 20 venues in Brighton, London and Bristol for attendees to try their hand at the interactive Swingtop challenge.
Naturally, the events will also include Grolsch tasting and £1 off coupons to spend in the bar on the night on a pint or bottle of Grolsch.
Participants of the Swingtop challenge will be encouraged to share their experience via the Grolsch Facebook page with a running leaderboard showing the latest high scores and prize draw entries.
The iconic Grolsch Swingtop bottle was introduced in 1897 and although expensive to produce, Grolsch has kept the design when other beers abandoned it, staying true to the old brewery owner Theo de Groen’s proclamation that ‘a perfect beer deserves the perfect bottle’.
To take part, consumers can participate in the challenge in person at an event or enter the free prize draw online by visiting or
Press are invited to the launch event on 31 July 2013, to RSVP please email
For more information or to RSVP, please contact:
Flo Powell or Fiona Graves
Midnight Communications
Tel:01273 666 200
Notes to editors:
What does Grolsch taste like? 
Grolsch has a distinctive taste, which is perfectly balanced with a clean, biscuity malt character. Grolsch Premium Lager is a traditional Pilsner style beer with a big hoppy flavour and bite owing to dry hopping late in the brewing process. The zesty and fragrant hops make for a refreshingly dry finish and a slight sweet and sharp zing to the palate.
How is Grolsch made?
There are 7 steps to make the perfect lager including using the water that still comes from its original source – as part of its conviction to keep this Grolsch have built a 7km pipeline from the source to its new brewery!
What ABV is it? 
5% alcohol
Can I get it on draught? 
A lot of bars sell Grolsch on draft and some in the 450ml Swingtop bottle. It’s also available in a 500ml can.