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11th June 2020

Guild Members Welcome to Join Webinar This Afternoon

The next in Crisp Malt’s webinar series takes place today, Thursday 11th June at 3pm.

Members of the Guild are warmly welcome to join craft brewers and distillers for this session – to be part of it, just fill in the form here:

Guild member Colin Johnston of Crisp is hosting. He will be joined by Rutele Marciulionyte of Heriot Watt University who will be sharing her findings after a year studying speciality malt flavour, particularly in relation to distilling. They will be joined by Dr Jack Mayo from Holyrood Distillery, who will be talking about the company’s novel use of roasted and crystal malts in their first year of mashes in Edinburgh.

As ever the host and presenters will be open to questions.

The previous webinar, which was on West Coast IPAs was probably the most popular in the series so far, and may well be of interest to you. You can watch it here:

For more information, contact Frances Brace []