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18th March 2024

Reminder – Guild Online Training: How the Beer Writer of the Year Pitches

Course: How the Beer Writer of the Year Pitches

Date/Time: Thursday 21st March 7:30pm start

Venue: Online via Google Meet

Join Beer Writer of the Year and award-winning Desi Pubs author David Jesudason on a course designed for beginners and experts that will detail how to successfully pitch articles to major publications. This online session will be invaluable for any writer, journalist or author who wants to get their ideas noticed by commissioning editors and their workflow increased. David will detail how he came up with his award-winning concepts and then presented them successfully to various (very) different publications. He will give at least five examples of writing that was commissioned and how the ideas behind them evolved into award-winning legacy work.

How to come up with a pitch – Described as “as an ideas man” by a head of commissioning at a publication that pays 50p a word, David will show how he mines the personal, political, historical and topical to devise a killer pitch.

How to find the right publication -This will ensure your work is sent to an editor that values it the most. David will look at how to find the right publication and to explain how to convey that you’re the right person to be commissioned.

Presenting the perfect pitch –  A deep dive into how to make your pitch punchy and lead to a quick green-light. This will cover how you explain what you intend to write about, who you want to speak to and how the first draft will be presented.

After the greenlight – The questions you need to ask to ensure that you get recommissioned.

Facing the redlight – How to thrive when your pitches are rejected.

Links to the five pieces of work that are going to be spoken about during the training will be sent to attendees to read in advance.


This event has now concluded.