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10th March 2021

Gweilo Beer launches Gin in the UK

Hong Kong brewery, Gweilo Beer, is very excited to announce the launch of their award-winning Gweilo Gin in the UK.

Being lovers of gin, and having been introduced to a multitude of exciting botanical ingredients through brewing, the team felt developing their own gin seemed like a natural step, and launched Gweilo Gin in Hong Kong back in late 2019.

Working closely with The London Distillery Company for over a year before launch, the team finalised the recipe after a series of test batches. The expert distillery team has produced a gin using Mosaic, the lead hop from Gweilo’s signature Pale Ale. Complementing this is yuzu lemon, an ingredient they first used when brewing a collaboration with Japanese brewery, Kagua. To round off the profile, the spirit includes juniper, lime and a secret blend of spices.

Gweilo Gin has a citrus-forward flavour profile with undertones of tropical fruits, juniper and pine. It can be enjoyed neat or with a neutral tonic, allowing the botanicals to shine. The recommended garnish is a citrus peel of your choosing, along with dried juniper. With its unique citrus notes, it is an interesting component for cocktail creation, and was also awarded a bronze medal at the 2020 World Gin Awards in the Contemporary Gin Category.

Gweilo Gin is available to buy now via the Drink Supermarket website.
ABV. 43.5% • 70cl Bottle

Notes to Editors

About Gweilo Beer

Gweilo Beer launched in 2015 and has been redefining the essence of craft beer ever since – what it tastes like, how it’s brewed, and where it’s enjoyed. They believe beer should be easy to drink and fun to share – which is why they’re constantly exploring new flavours, concepts and collaborations to keep things interesting.

Gweilo hails from Hong Kong, and just like the streets of the city, their beers are bright, exciting and inviting. But while they keep things light and breezy, make no mistake: they’re sticklers for quality. From packaging to processes, they maintain exceptionally high standards – because, at the end of the day, they want to do their very best for you, and make every Gweilo experience great.

Backed by a team of hard-working, fun-loving professionals, Gweilo has already found its way into many corners of the world and launched its Core Range in the UK in February 2021, brewed at Vocation Brewery, following a successful Limited Batch launch in December 2020, with four beers brewed at Fierce Beer.

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