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5th June 2020

Hand sanitiser where it’s needed with high capacity portable unit from Brewfitt

Protection for customers and staff with the Hand Sanitisation Station

Operators preparing to reopen post-lockdown can provide effective protection from Covid-19 for customers and staff exactly where it’s needed, with the new fully mobile Hand Sanitisation Station from dispense specialists Brewfitt.

The stainless steel unit, developed in partnership with Holchem and KeyKeg, requires no power and so can be positioned in multiple locations within a site. The dispense station delivers up to 7,500 doses of Covid-19 killing, alcohol-free antibacterial hand solution between keg changes.

With hospitality, retail and leisure operators working flat-out to comply with stricter hygiene regulations as the lockdown eases, the unit offers essential reassurance to customers and staff, as well as to the licensing and public health authorities.

A new survey into public expectations, carried out by Budweiser Brewing Group, found that 93% of the public are keen to return to pubs and bars, with two thirds (66%) much more likely to visit if hand sanitiser is readily available throughout venues.

Curtis Paxman, managing director of Brewfitt said: “As soon as the Covid-19 lockdown began, we realised entirely fresh thinking would be required to meet the need for effective hand sanitisation, often at multiple locations within the same site, and simple to move around according to the occasion and changing footfall.

“In partnership with Holchem and KeyKeg, we’ve come up with the Hand Sanitisation Station. It’s a solution for the broadest range of operators, including hospitality, retail and leisure sites, and well as commercial premises and public buildings where employees and visitors will now expect effective and reliable hygiene arrangements to be in place.”

One of the first operators to install the Hand Sanitisation Station is Manchester’s ‘Bohemian Pleasure Palace’ Albert’s Schloss, which has ordered units as part of its reopening programme. Roy Ellis, chief executive of venue owner Mission Mars, said: “Like all operators, we’re keen to reopen our doors as soon as we’re allowed to, but we’ll need to reassure our customers that we’ll keep them safe while they’re with us, and effective hand sanitisation is going to be an important part of our hygiene regime.

“For a busy, multi-faceted venue such as Albert’s Schloss, the portable Hand Sanitisation Stations are ideal, as we can resite them over the course of the day and week, depending on where they’re needed to meet the needs of our guests and team members.”

Brewfitt technology automatically dispenses the recommended 4ml dose of Holchem’s Handsan solution, which is alcohol-free and therefore kinder on skin, as well being proven to kill Covid-19. Each unit holds a 20 or 30 litre KeyKeg of Handsan, which can easily be replaced when empty.

The Hand Sanitisation Station is manufactured in Great Britain from high quality commercial grade stainless steel, is fully mobile and requires no power to function. It can be branded with the operator’s logo if required. 

The unit has a guide price of £673.99 plus VAT including delivery. Handsan 20 litres with Co2 Canister costs £131.22 plus VAT, and 30 litres with Co2 Canister cost £172.65 plus+ VAT.

For more details see Hand Sanitisation Station or email


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