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27th January 2022

Have your say on CAMRA’s diversity policies

CAMRA has launched a review into the implementation of its inclusivity, diversity and equality policies spearheaded by CAMRA vice-chair Abigail Newton.

Last year CAMRA launched an Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality Review to look at our existing equality and diversity policies and processes, identify what we are doing well and where there are gaps, weaknesses or improvements that should be made.

The survey is designed to capture views, experiences and feedback from CAMRA members and non-members, volunteers, and the public, including people who have attended Campaign beer festivals and events. This is your chance to have your say on how we make sure CAMRA is welcoming and inclusive for everyone. Please consider taking part in the consultations and sharing it across social media to help us reach more people and views.

The survey aims to collect feedback on:

– how we run our beer festivals

– how we recruit members and volunteers

– how we organise and run our meetings and events at branch, regional and national level

– our communications to the public, our members, and across our websites, social media, publications, and press activity

– our complaints and disciplinary processes

Click below review to take part in the consultation, which will be running until Monday 14 February


Press release from CAMRA