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18th March 2021

Help Save The Planet this Earth Hour, 27th March with Lowlander Cool Earth Lager

Earth Hour is an opportunity to put a spotlight on our planet, with millions of people switching off their lights to show that they care about the future of our world. By joining Earth Hour’s switch off, it reminds us that even the smallest actions can make a difference whilst drawing attention to nature loss and the climate crisis.

Enjoy a crisp, zesty and refreshing can of Lowlander Cool Earth Lager this Earth Hour, Saturday 27th March at 8:30 pm and help fight climate change!

Lowlander 4% Cool Earth Lager- A clean, crisp and hoppy Pilsner brewed with fragrant lemongrass for a subtle zesty zing. With every can sold, Lowlander adds another plant to a seagrass meadow – a powerful ally against climate change, capturing carbon 35 times faster than a tropical rainforest – to reduce carbon, protect marine wildlife and tackle global warming. RRP:£2 for 330ml ABV: 4%

Vegan friendly, gluten-free and environmentally packaged in can and steel kegs only, Lowlander Cool Earth Lager promises flavour forward, well balanced and consistent quality.

The team at Lowlander Beer, where the love of botanicals and nature runs deep, are formalising their commitment to plants and the planet where they grow. By supporting the 1% for the planet foundation, joining like-minded businesses like Puka and Honest Tea, to create a lager that’s not only naturally delicious but also naturally better, making a pledge to keep the earth green and cool. The partnership is linked to how many drinks are sold, so when you’re drinking Lowlander Cool Earth, you’re also helping to protect the planet – one drink at a time.

Lowlander Cool Earth Lager is available exclusively from Sainsbury’s online and in 70 stores nationwide.

Notes to editors:

Lowlander Sea Grass Recovery in the Wadden Sea

Since 1980, the world has lost over 35% of seagrass meadows, which equates to two football fields each hour. The Wadden Sea comprises the largest intertidal seagrass area in Europe at over 200km² yet also has the highest rate of seagrass loss in Europe. Seagrasses occupy 0.1% of the seafloor yet are responsible for 11% of the organic carbon buried in the ocean. Seagrass meadows, mangroves and coastal wetlands capture carbon at a rate 35x greater than that of tropical forests.

Lowlander’s approach is simple, it’s all about underwater gardening to protect and plant seagrass plants to reduce carbon levels for future generations. With the support of the dedicated charity, Project Seagrass, to carry out the work, every can of Lowlander 4% Cool Earth Lager sold worldwide generates money which will be put towards creating 10,000m² of seagrass.

Follow Lowlander’s journey on Instagram and Facebook: @lowlanderbeer


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