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5th July 2013



Hop Products Australia (HPA) has unveiled a ground-breaking flavour spectrum to guide brewers through the taste profiles of its world-class hop varieties.


 The Hop Flavour Spectrum goes beyond the limitations of chemical analysis to provide an effective tool for comparing varieties and understanding how each hop may impact the flavour of beer.


 It is the result of years of consultation with brewers and first-hand industry experience, and comes in response to the rising popularity of HPA’s proprietary flavour hops and aroma hops in Australia and overseas.




HPA Managing Director, Tim Lord, says: “Chemical analysis of hop varieties has traditionally been the primary source of reference for brewers, but it doesn’t necessarily show flavour potential.




“That’s why we’ve worked hard with brewers to create something that really helps them understand and optimise the flavour potential of our hops.




“We encourage brewers to use it and welcome their continued feedback, so we can develop this tool and make it even better.”




The Hop Flavour Spectrum plots hops on a grid which is divided into four flavour types – fruit, floral, spice and resin – and encompasses HPA’s full range of proprietary flavour, aroma and bitter hops.




Brewers can view the Hop Flavour Spectrum on a newly launched website, which also features the new HPA branding and logo.




The new tagline “Hops with Character” brings to life the different and distinctive characteristics of HPA’s proprietary hops that make these Aussie flowers so sought after, both at home and abroad.




HPA Hop Breeder, Simon Whittock, says: “Hops react differently depending on when they’re added to the mix, so technical data only gets you so far. This spectrum reflects real experiences with our hops – depending on how and when they’re applied.




“In the spectrum we’ve placed our hops on an axis to give brewers a guide as to the type of flavours they can expect to manifest in their brews.




“This visualisation has been developed using the feedback and experience we have on our varieties, and is designed to give people a guide to the performance of the hops we offer, relative to other hop types.”




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About HPA


HPA is Australia’s most significant grower and producer of hops, with farms in Bushy Park, Tasmania and Rostrevor, Victoria. Both sites are steeped in history having grown hops since the 1800s. HPA is part of the Barth-Haas Group, the oldest and largest hop company in the world with more than 200 years of hop trading experience.




The inquisitive nature to ask questions and wonder “what if” and genuine curiosity about what hops can bring to beer has been part of the HPA culture for more than 60 years. HPA is proud to bring an Australian take on traditional hops, but most importantly to trial and develop ideas into new and exciting hop varieties.



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