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7th May 2021

Independent Beer Has Just Got A Lot Smoother: Anspach & Hobday launch London Black

Independent London craft brewery Anspach & Hobday have announced the launch of their brand-new Nitro Porter, London Black.

Taking inspiration from our flagship beer, The Porter, London Black is a creamy, smooth and sessionable London Porter – poured from keg but smooth like cask. An easy drinking dark beer, with an incredible tight creamy head that lasts all the way down the glass, London Black aims to be the true independent local alternative to mass produced macro-dark beer.

Available exclusively in keg, Anspach & Hobday are currently taking orders for London Black, supplying venues with a genuine local craft and independent Nitro Porter, providing a much needed increase in consumer choice within the nitro dark beer market.

London Black is currently available at The Arch House, Anspach & Hobday’s mixed fermentation brewery and taproom in Bermondsey, alongside The Rusty Bucket in Eltham and Fountain Tap in Shoreditch, with more venues stocking London Black soon.

Chairman and Co-Founder Jack Hobday says: “Despite the meteoric rise of craft beers, there is one style still absolutely dominated by a single macrobrewery brand. That is the Nitro-Stout otherwise known as Guinness, a Diageo omnipresent mega brand. That multinational giant is rightly Dublin’s through and through. We may be small and independent but London Black, is our local answer.

Largely because of the dominance of Guinness, a dry-stout, Porters are a lesser known style of dark beer. The reality is that Porters are the beautiful original dark beers of London. As with anything at Anspach & Hobday, we make traditional beers modern. It is incredibly satisfying to be able to enjoy a sessionable smooth dark beer that has real flavour and is made where it will be enjoyed: London.”

Head of Production and Co-Founder Paul Anspach says: “As brewers with a strong pedigree in Porter and Stout production, the idea of introducing a nitro-beer into our range is a natural one. After a year of settling into our new home at Croydon upon the backdrop of the pandemic, we finally felt like it was the right time to scratch the itch and begin the development of our first Nitro beer.

Nitrogen (N2) is naturally less soluble in beer than CO2 and produces incredibly small bubbles. This is what gives nitro beers their instantly recognisable tight, creamy head, along with their smooth, silky mouthfeel. This smoothness pairs perfectly with the roastiness of Stouts and Porters, softening any edges the darker malts might bring and making the resulting beer incredibly drinkable.

The London Black very much has its foundations in our flagship beer, The Porter, with a few tweaks made to the grain bill to accommodate the lower ABV. As brewers, we couldn’t be happier with how the beer has turned out. Despite the modest ABV it’s got bags of flavour. It’s rich, complex and satisfying, and the smooth, silky texture resulting from the use of nitrogen makes it incredibly drinkable.”


London Black (4.4%) – Taking inspiration from our flagship beer, The Porter, we wanted to brew a truly sessionable London Porter. What better way to create an effortlessly drinkable dark beer than to make it nitro. The resulting creaminess and smooth mouthfeel balance perfectly with the subtle roasted notes of coffee and chocolate.

The beer brings together the rich history and heritage of London Porters, with the modern techniques of brewing nitro beers. The result is a beer that is easy drinking, without sacrificing its character.


Founded by childhood friends Paul Anspach & Jack Hobday, Anspach & Hobday launched in Bermondsey in 2014. Anspach & Hobday believe beer is about enjoyment and community. In 2019 we set up our Croydon Brewery following on from our 2018 crowdfund (542 investors, £525,250 raised, £3m valuation).

Inspired by traditional styles and remade for the 21st century beer drinker, Anspach & Hobday is known for its diverse range of beers. Brewing everything from historic ales and porters to experimental sours and IPAs. All of our beers are vegan friendly and made using renewable energy.

Anspach & Hobday is best known for its flagship beer and award-winning beer, The Porter. The brewery epitomises London craft beer, bringing together tradition with modernity.

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