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4th November 2020

Independent brewers welcome Government clarification that takeaway beer can be sold via pubs and taprooms if pre-ordered

“It comes as very welcome news that Government have now clarified their stance on takeaway beer and published guidance which shows England’s pubs and independent brewery taprooms can sell beer for takeaway providing it is pre-ordered via phone, web or post. Government have also made clear in the guidance that brewery shops can remain open and operate as off-licenses, meaning bottled and canned beer from small breweries can be sold via on-site shops without pre-order.”

Small independent breweries and community pubs have proven their ability to trade responsibly during Covid and this new guidance will allow them to prepare their businesses for safe continued trading ahead of Thursday’s lockdown.”

Pubs and small breweries are intrinsically linked, with 80% of beer from small independent brewers heading to pubs, and we would like to thank the Government for their flexibility in allowing pubs to sell takeaway beer in a Covid safe and practical manner via pre-orders.”

Neil Walker, SIBA Head of Comms

Press release from SIBA

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