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26th August 2020

Independently owned The Park Brewery reminds us that there is still so much to love about life with its celebratory new beer, ///

At the height of lockdown, The Park Brewery owners Josh and Frankie Kearns found themselves turning to Richmond Park more so than ever, for respite from the news and a break from the glow of screen-based home schooling. Whether it was cycling up Broomfield Hill, taking note of spring’s changes with their children, or safely meeting up with local friends or family to enjoy a walk in the sunshine (or rain) the Kearn’s note that their appreciation for the power of nature was stronger than ever before.

Says Frankie, “Richmond Park, more than ever, became a place to find sanctuary for our whole family, even if temporarily. It’s amazing what having a bit of open space can do for an entire community’s sense of well being, especially during such bleak times.”

During this time of reflection and inspired by the desire for customers to be able to imagine themselves in the sanctuary of the open air, The Park Brewery began experimenting with the new innovative location system  what3words. Luck struck when they located a spot with a particularly special combination of words /// and an idea for a new beer was formed.

Here it is, a Kveik IPA celebrating some of the best ingredients from around our lovely earth, a new style for the brewery. From Norway, Kveik (meaning ‘yeast’ in local Norwegian dialect) is an ancient strain of yeast, originally used in Norwegian farmhouse beers. It is super-fast and able to ferment at high temperatures. Wheat and oats create a rich, balanced smooth texture and then the beer is dry hopped with Galaxy from Australia, Nelson Sauvin from N.Z, Idaho 7 and Pekko from the US, which, when combined create a heady mix of fruity flavours including citrus, peach and passion fruit, as well as earthy and piney undertones.

What3words have created an efficient mapping system, by dividing much of the world into 3×3 metre squares and giving each square three associated words thus pinpointing its exact location.  The words have been translated into 45 languages and are now utilised by emergency services as a means to help find and rescue those trapped in unpredictable or dangerous locations. There are over a million squares just in Richmond Park alone!  The Park Brewery is thrilled to work in tandem with what3words, to promote this new innovative system and celebrate the lifeline of the natural world, that has provided respite for so many of us, through these hard times.

Giles Rhys Jones, Chief Marketing Officer at what3words explained that “We see many people using what3words to remember special locations and it’s great to see that The Park Brewery are celebrating an awesome and meaningful spot in Richmond Park by naming a specially crafted beer /// From meeting friends at the park for a picnic, to making delivery locations easier to find, there are so many unique and innovative ways that people are using what3words.”

/// urges consumers to take a moment to reflect on life’s simplest pleasures; a cold beer after a challenging cycle in the park, a picnic on a sunny day, or the chance to simply sit amongst nature wherever you may find it.

“This beer is the coming together of several points at once – like the perfect storm.  We’re celebrating our local park, experimenting with a new beer style (which I’ve been keen to do for a while now), and working with what3words. We’re really happy with the outcome”, remarks Josh, who is also responsible for the image on the label, taken from the location itself. If you can’t make it to the spot yourself, you can still take in the view.

The Park Brewery is happy to provide samples of /// to relevant journalists or bloggers for review upon request. The Park Brewery takes inspiration from Richmond Park and all beers and styles are named after areas of the park, encouraging others to take time out in nature for reflection and enjoyment.t –

Mark your calendars, /// will be available for purchase from Thursday 27th August. You can place your order through The Park Brewery website.

For more information, interview, images or sample requests please email on The Park Brewery please email