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27th September 2023

Introducing Beaumont Drinks Canada’s Source for Independent Spirits & Beer Reviews

New, fully redesigned website seeks to provide a guide to quality for Canadian drinkers

Toronto, Ontario (September 25, 2023) – Leading Canadian spirits and beer writer, Stephen Beaumont, is pleased to announce the official launch of Beaumont Drinks (, his new dedicated spirits and beer review website.

Designed for ease of navigation and free to access for all interested aficionados of beer and spirits, Beaumont Drinks showcases detailed reviews of spirits and beers available in Canada, whether produced domestically or imported. Additionally, ‘Portfolio Spotlight’ reviews will highlight up to a dozen spirits or beers produced by a single distillery or brewery and ‘Category Spotlight’ overviews will cover a range of products within a single category, such as the rhums agricole of Martinique or Bavarian style wheat beers.

Rounding out the site’s content are ‘Will Travel’ reports on specific beer or spirits tourism destinations, inspired by Beaumont’s 2018 book, Will Travel for Beer.

“While quality, flavour-filled spirits and beer have never been more popular, these are tough times for traditional media and I was finding editors reluctantly saying no to beverage stories simply because they didn’t have the space available,” says Beaumont, “Eventually, I decided that the best way to give these great beers and spirits coverage was to do it myself.”

Unlike other sites featuring crowd-sourced reviews of a sentence or two, Beaumont Drinks features long-form reviews often extending to 300 words or longer, all coming from the palate and keyboard of one person, thirty-plus year veteran drinks writer Stephen Beaumont. ‘Spotlight’ articles are even longer and include insight on the category or producer, as well as detailed reviews.

“Although my files contain literally thousands of spirits and beer reviews I’ve compiled over the years, I am writing every entry on Beaumont Drinks anew, casting fresh eyes and palate upon both long-established brands and new arrivals,” says Beaumont. His new 100-point scoring system ranks beers and spirits from “seriously flawed, avoid” (<50) to “stunning, a legitimate classic” (96-100), and include a special ‘Critic’s Choice’ designation for those beverages which “stand out for both character and value.”

Ultimately, the intent is for Beaumont Drinks to be drinks industry supported in the manner laid out on the website’s ‘Full Disclosure’ page. It will always remain free for readers to access.

About Stephen Beaumont: The author or co-author of fifteen books on beer and spirits, Stephen Beaumont began writing about beer in 1990 and spirits in 1994. He has since become a recognized international authority on both topics and has judged, presented tastings and tutorials, and visited breweries and distilleries the world over, his work having appeared in dozens of newspapers and magazines from The Globe and Mail to Whisky Advocate and Esquire to Canada’s 100 Best

About Beaumont Drinks: Developed to showcase long-form reviews of beers and spirits available across Canada, Beaumont Drinks is the sole proprietor website of veteran drinks writer, Stephen Beaumont. It was designed by ocean & moonlight studio.

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