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20th January 2021

Introducing Moonwake Beer Co.

A new upcoming brewery in Leith, Edinburgh with a vision to produce precision brewed beer for easy enjoyment

Already a year in the making, Moonwake Beer Co. are spending the January lockdown awaiting delivery of their 35hl three-vessel brew kit that has been delayed due to a backlog of containers at the Port of Felixstowe due to issues stemming from Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.

They’re now planning to commission their brew kit in April 2021 with their first brew being a lager brewed with all Scottish malt and all New Zealand hops, tying together the rich brewing history of their location and their Head Brewer’s Kiwi roots.

Director Finlay Heslop said: “Delays in Felixstowe have prevented our kit from arriving as planned but the silver lining is that we’ll hopefully put our first beers out into a more hospitable landscape for brewing and hospitality after this lockdown. It also allows us to focus on adapting our business model to suit the ever-changing market and build more resilience into Moonwake Beer Co. We can all learn from these testing times.”

Demolition in their Tower Street unit commenced in January 2020 with work being halted due to the March lockdown, however, the founders did not let this stop them and instead took on a lot of the demolition and painting of their mural themselves.

Head Brewer Vinny Rosario said: “My enjoyment of brewing grew as it allows me to have a creative outlet. Both Fin & I want our brewery to be an open and creative space for our team and customers alike to enjoy. We believe there is a beer out there for everyone.”

They look to brew with mindful intent using modern kit and quality ingredients. Reflecting a rich brewing history and over a decade of collective experience.

Originally, and still officially named, Origin Beer Co Limited the company made the decision to trade under Moonwake Beer Co after extensive market research as they deemed the name ‘Origin’ as simply not original enough. The term is too common and is used by several breweries and other businesses in one form or another.

For the time being the registered company name will remain unchanged, but they will trade and brand under the name Moonwake Beer Co. A trademark process is underway.

Moonwake means “the moon’s reflection in a body of water”. This speaks to the brewery’s location on The Shore in Leith, Edinburgh, the importance of water as a brewing ingredient, and our beer’s reflection of our collective experience.

Press release from Moonwake Beer Co

Contact: Sarah Sinclair, Marketing & Events Manager