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22nd June 2021

Introducing our New Yeast: LalBrew Farmhouse™

We are pleased to introduce a new innovative product, a yeast hybrid called LalBrew Farmhouse™ for Saison-Style beers. This product is the result of the research and development work of Renaissance Biosciences in Vancouver, CA and our first collaborative release. Both lab and field trials have confirmed this yeast as unique, performant and displaying a desirable Saison flavor profile.

Framed within the LalBrew® Premium Hybrid Yeast product line, LalBrew Farmhouse™  was created using the most advanced breeding techniques. The Renaissance research team used classical and non-gmo science to select a strain that did not have the STA1 gene, responsible for the diastatic activity of Saison yeasts. Care was taken to retain normal brewing sugar utilization to produce dry saisons.

Additionally, the patented technology from UC Davis, CA, USA ensures that the strain will not produce sulfurous off-flavors, therefore enhancing the saison yeasts aroma characteristics.

LalBrew Farmhouse™ is a non-diastatic hybrid to make hassle-free saison beers and so much more. Eliminating the risk of cross-contamination with a diastatic yeast while retaining all the characteristics that make a saison yeast so attractive: flavor, aroma profile and high attenuation. This yeast is highly anticipated addition to our Lalbrew® Premium portfolio for farmhouse-style beer.
You may find below some supporting documentation for LalBrew Farmhouse™, including the Technical Datasheet and a Collateral Catalog with some advertisements and labels. If you need to adjust the advertisement size or format, just let us know, we’d be happy to help. All you’ll need to do is contact our marketing team at This product is available in 500g, 11g at all time and 20kg on demand.

Please note that the documents are available for download until July the 1st.
Join us at our launch webinar, next Tuesday. Register here.

About Lallemand Brewing:
Lallemand Brewing is a business unit of Lallemand Inc., a privately held Canadian company specializing in the research, development, production, marketing and distribution of yeast and bacteria. Lallemand Inc. has over 4000 employees located in more than 45 countries on 5 continents.

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For more information, please contact:
Sylvie Van Zandycke
Global Sales and Marketing Director