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12th February 2017


Continuing their commitment to excellent beers, Truman’s has brewed its first tank ready beer – Truman’s RAW – delivering a taste that is pure, fresh and flavoursome, as nature intended. 
Truman’s RAW Lager is a crisp and smooth kolsch style lager. This unfiltered lager has a more full bodied, silky smooth mouthfeel from its perfect carbonation with delicate flavours and aromas of light honeysuckle and biscuit balanced with the bitterness from the traditional Czech Hallertau Mittlefruh hops. The ‘RAW’ condition of the lager ensures that no flavour or aroma has been stripped out by filters or external gases.
Tank beer is not a distant cry from the old Truman days where historically the brewer’s biggest customers would install ceramic tanks in their cellars to ensure they would never run out of fresh flavoursome beer. Truman’s RAW lager will be delivered from the conditioning tanks at the brewery in Hackney Wick direct to the specially engineered tanks in the pub.
RAW Lager is unpasteurised and unfiltered which means the beer is still ‘alive’ and continues to mature and develop further flavour in the pub’s tanks. The delivery process guarantees the beer never reaches above 5°c, ensuring minimal oxidation and no contact with any external oxygen or CO2, giving you the freshest pint possible outside of the brewery. In fact the first time Truman’s RAW Lager has any contact with external gas is when it’s first poured into the glass at the pub.
“We’re excited to have produced our first tank beer, Truman’s RAW, which perfectly complements our existing range of cask and keg beers” says James Morgan, Truman’s re-founder. “Truman’s are committed to, not only brewing but also, supplying the freshest beer possible to our customers and Truman’s RAW is the epitome of freshness. Truman’s RAW is jam packed full of delicate flavours and aromas, our processes ensuring every pint is pure and unadulterated – as nature intended!”
Creating Truman’s RAW:
Step 1: Malt Mill – The malted barley is crushed in the mill to break the husks. 
Step 2: Mash Tun – The grist then travels to the mash tun, where they are steeped in hot water for one hour. This activates enzymes in the grains that release its sugars into the water. After an hour, the water is drained from the mash which is now full of sugars from the grains. This sticky, sweet liquid is called wort.
Step 3: Kettle – The wort is transferred to the kettle and boiled for an hour, with hops being added at different times – to give both bitterness and aroma – and also act as a natural preservative.
Step 4: Fermenters – Once the boil has finished, the liquid is cooled and transferred into a fermenting vessel where yeast is pitched. The fermentation takes around four days – during which time the yeast eats up all the sugar – leaving CO2 and alcohol.
Step 5: Conditioning Tanks – The lager is transferred to the conditioning tanks to allow the flavours to fully mature and for the beer to reach perfect carbonation.
Step 7: Bright Tank – Truman’s RAW is transferred to a custom made beer tanker truck and delivered directly into brewery tanks in the pub. It arrives fresh, chilled and in perfect ‘RAW’ condition  – exactly as nature intended.
Having secured its first order with Hippo Inns, the beer will be served to the public from February 2017 at the group’s latest pub launch, The Eagle, a former Truman’s pub located in Ladbroke Grove, West London.
The Eagle’s Head Chef Stan Perry has prepared a British and Bavarian inspired menu to complement the new beer.  The RAW Lager will be great accompaniment to dishes such as chicken schnitzel, sausage and mash and seasonally changing fish dinners, as well as the perfect sidekick to the pub’s snack menu which includes breaded squid, pig knuckle croquettes and cocktail sausages. 
Hippo Inns Founder Rupert Clevely says “We aim to create a one of a kind experience within each of our neighbourhood pubs. We are delighted to be working with Truman’s, another great London brand known for their exceptionally fresh beer who will offer our guests with an exclusive taste of London’s history at The Eagle.”
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