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11th April 2023

It’s a family brew-union as Theakston welcomes Brennan’s Irish Stout to its range

Family run brewery, T&R Theakston has agreed a deal to add Brennan’s Irish Stout to its brand line-up.

The 4.2% ABV velvety dark ruby stout, which will be brewed under licence by the Yorkshire brewery, joins a stable of beers including the iconic Theakston Old Peculier ale, and features a smooth creamy white head and a cocoa aroma distinguished by earthy caramel undertones.

Located in County Wexford, Brennan’s has a rich family history in brewing and the pub industry which can be traced back four generations in both in Ireland and Britain. The new partnership comes as stout and dark beers are experiencing a renaissance, with Guinness recently named as Britain’s most popular pint.

Simon Theakston, joint managing director at Theakston Brewery, said: “While we’re proud of our almost 200 year heritage at the brewery, we are also always looking at ways to enhance and expand our range, including through developing partnerships with a number of other much-loved brewers and distributors.

“We’re all very excited to be working with Brennan’s, which like ourselves is a family-owned business. With a strong range of dark beers already on offer, including our flagship Old Peculier and Barista, a coffee-flavoured stout, as well as our newly reintroduced Theakston Vanilla Stout, we feel Brennan’s offering will be the perfect complement to our expanding portfolio.”

Peter Brennan, managing director for Brennan’s Irish Stout, said: “As a small family business, It is such an honour to be given the chance to work with Simon, Richard Bradbury and all the team at Theakston’s Brewery in what really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. With Theakston’s guidance, their wealth of knowledge and history within the industry, Brennan’s Irish Stout will build to be an exciting and longstanding brand for the future.”

“We look forward to learning and developing Brennan’s further with Theakston’s and welcoming beer lovers and tourists to our new upcoming Visitor Centre in Wexford”

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About Theakston Brewery

Established in Masham, North Yorkshire in 1827, Theakston Brewery, with nearly 200 years of brewing expertise, is one of the UK’s oldest and most highly regarded traditional ale brewers. Operating as an independent brewer, it is the second largest of its kind under family control in the UK.

Theakston is one of just two breweries in the country still committed to making and repairing traditional oak casks, employing a full time qualified ‘Journeyman’ Cooper.

There are eight permanent brands in the Theakston range: Theakston Best Bitter, Theakston Old Peculier, Theakston Summit (Chilled Pale Ale), Theakston XB, Theakston Lightfoot, Theakston Barista Stout, Theakston Pale Ale and Theakston Dark Mild, along with a range of well-established seasonal ales. The Black Bull in Paradise, the Theakston Brewery Visitor Centre in Masham welcome visitors throughout the year.

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About Brennan’s Irish Stout

Brennan’s Irish Stout is the latest chapter in a rich family history and tradition. Brennan’s passion for brewing and love for the pub industry can be traced back four generations, in both Ireland and Britain, to 1905 when a young Patrick J Brennan, from Kildare, Ireland, would become an apprentice brewer in Dublin.

This lineage continued with his son James, learning the art and life of a cooper and then grandson Patrick dedicating his life and career to the hospitality industry spanning over five decades. This created the path for his son Peter, great grandson of Patrick J Brennan, to continue the family tradition and love for beer in bringing Brennan’s Irish Stout to where it is today.

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For more information contact Beth Chaplow or Ben Ormsby at Aberfield Communications on /, or call 0113 880 0444.