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24th June 2022

I’ve Enjoyed Your Company

After nearly 40 years in the drinks industry, I have decided a change in lifestyle is required.

It has not been an easy decision to make but has been driven a lot by my personal circumstances and the interesting last few years.

When Jim and I first set up Purity nearly 18 years ago, did I think the journey would take us to where we are now?  Did I ecker’s like!

I am immensely proud of what we have achieved over the years:

  • A brewery that consistently produces world class beers, enjoyed by many Puritans across the country
  • A brewery that puts sustainability at the heart of its business since day one
  • A Purity team that genuinely care and feel passionate about the business and our community

Above all, none of this would have been achieved without our loyal Puritans – you, our customers, suppliers, investors, stake holders and shareholders.  You have all made the journey very special for me.

I have never, ever had a day working in this industry that I have not genuinely enjoyed.  Never a chore …

However, from 1st July, I will be moving to a Non-Executive Director role with Purity Group and handing the day-to-day reigns to our excellent senior leadership team and the very capable Andy Maddock, who will assume the position of CEO.

I will still be involved, just not doing the day to day, only attending Board meetings and managing special projects.

My long-term partner, Tara , whom many of you will know, and I are tying the knot in August and moving 100% to Gods Own Country, Hebden Bridge.

The loss of so many close friends in recent years has made me realise how precious life is.  Tara and I want to cherish this time together.

I am every bit confident that Purity, PureCraft Bar & Kitchen and now Pure Booch will realise their full potential over the coming years, and I am looking forward to watching them grow.

So for now it’s not goodbye but see you soon. For those of you I don’t get to see over the coming weeks, I am truly grateful for your support and friendship.

Purity has been a wonderful journey and one that I will never forget.


Press release from Purity