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9th April 2015

Land of the Three… Headlands trio join Left Coast roster  

Three cans

A Belgian RyePA, a double IPA and a Bohemian Pilsner in ‘Big Ass Cans’ are the latest trio of exciting beers to join the portfolio of Nottingham-based distributor Left Coast.


Headlands’ Groupe G (5% abv/48 IBU) is a Belgian RyePA named after a Belgian resistance group that fought the Nazis in WWII. This West Coast-style IPA has flower and spice from Mosaic, Glacier and Ahtanum hops balanced with the Belgian yeast.


Hill 88 (8% abv/88 IBU) is a double IPA with an all malt backbone that lends a touch of sweetness to an assertive hop profile. Headlands use a unique hopping technique called Omakase-style (Japanese for ‘I’ll leave it to you’) which means each batch is unique. Hill 88 is named after one of the highest spots in the Headlands where the original Nike missile launch pads still sit.


Pt Bonita (5.3% abv/38 IBUs) is Headlands’ Bohemian Pilsner. Nice and spicy from the rye, it has just enough noble hop character and body from the rustic grains. It’s light, crisp, refreshing and it’s named after the Point Bonita Lighthouse in the Headlands.


Based in Mill Valley, San Francisco, Headlands are no-nonsense brewers whose ales and lagers embody the spirit of their home. The Headlands area combines incredibly natural beauty with a number of historic military settlements. As well as celebrating their militaristic heritage, Headlands actively engage with their environment with trail maintenance and restoration.


Headlands join Left Coast’s amazing cast of California brews that also includes beers from Devil’s Canyon, Half Moon Bay, Knee Deep, Heretic, Ruhstaller, North Coast and Uncommon. For more information visit or contact Nigel Garlick on 07977 507447