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5th October 2017

Launch of Caña Magazine

Currently running as a featured project on, Caña is an independent print magazine about the love of beer, of visual art and of fervent creativity; a celebration of the sticky carpets where they collide. Sloshing through the high- and low-culture of drinking, brewing and creating, Caña has been created as a conduit through which to distill the ongoing relationship of beer and the arts.

We’re getting in touch to see if you can help Kickstart a new voice in craft beer and creativity.

— Pledge a small (or large) amount to a small-run independent magazine that will in turn support innovative breweries and emerging talent in art, design, craft and photography. (From tote bags to your face on a co-founder’s skin, there are plenty of rewards to compensate your kindness.)

— Write a story about our project, send likeminded individuals in our direction. After all, beer is the planet’s third most popular beverage, and culture is what separates us from animals … who can fail to be excited by the coming together of beer and culture?

— Shout about Caña on social media, via TwitterInstagram, or Facebook.

Download Press Materials

If you would like to receive further information or request an interview with one of the co-founders or artists/breweries featured in issue one, please get in touch via