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24th October 2022

Launching a brand-new cherry wheat creation

Round Corner Brewing Release Witchery, Cherry Wheat Beer

MELTON MOWBRAY, 21st October 2022.

Round Corner Brewing have today launched another brand-new beer to their already strong and expanding line up, with a Cherry Wheat Beer named Witchery.

With Round Corner Brewing always happy to take a walk off the beaten track, this time they’ve gone in another new direction all together. Having only made one beer before with real fruit, Witchery is now the second on that list. Brewed with copious amounts of cherries, around 5% of the fermentable sugar in the beer is accounted for by the cherries themselves.

The beer has light cherry and orchard fruit characters, which meld with tangerine aromas from Mandarina Bavaria hops. It is a delicate beer, with hints of almond, Cherry Bakewell, and confectioners’ sugar, that builds to a slightly tart, dry finish.

The name Witchery comes from the very simple play on words combing Wheat and Cherry together. However, with Halloween at the end of the month, it also has a nice connotation to the spooky and witch themed day.

Round Corner Brewing’s last wheat beer, Zomba, which was a Hazy Lavender Witbier, claimed the Country Winner for the United Kingdom in the Wheat Beer / Belgian Style Witbier category at the 2022 World Beer Awards in August. However, this time instead of adding a specie of plant to its beer, they have added some of the finest American Drupes.

This latest creation by Round Corner Brewing follows a recent release of many new and returning beers for the Melton Mowbray brewery. These have included the brand-new Meltonator, a 6.8% Dopplebock and Mack Opus, a 4.5% American Brown Ale. Also, there have been re-brews of customer favourites Fuggling Helles, 5.3% Helles Lager, Shimmering Pond, 5.6% Hazy Vermont IPA and the already sold out Succumb To Smoke, which is a 5.1% Smoked Helles Lager.

Witchery is now available to order from our webshop, or at our Round Corner Brewing Taproom at the home of the brewery in Melton Mowbray Market.

Round Corner Brewing’s Head Brewer and Co-Founder, Colin Paige said: “We’re inspired by beers from all around the world and after trying Cherry Wheat beers many years ago in the United States and absolutely loving them, we wanted to create our own version here in Melton Mowbray.

“What we wanted from this beer was something which would be really sessionable and drinkable, while also being a little bit different for us as a brewery. So, we’ve kind of gone off the beaten track with this beer.

“With over 30% wheat in the grist, it’s very much a wheat beer, but what makes it really interesting for us is that the wheat is split into three different types of wheat malt. We have a pale wheat malt, a dark wheat malt, this malt gives it quite a dried fruit character, and then we have a caramelisd wheat, which has added a little bit of colour. However, overlaying all of this is that the beer has a vibrant red hue which looks stunning in the glass.

“In this beer we’ve only used real fruit, with in total about 38g of real cherries per litre. These were added towards the end of our primary fermentation, but while the beer was still fermenting. We added the yeast after the cherries, so it ferments those fruit sugars as well. The result you get from this is a beer that’s not sweet, as it’s been dried out because of those fruit sugars which have been fermented. What we’re left with is a very mild cherry aroma and flavour. The beer finishes with a mild tartness which comes through from the fruit and the use of the wheat malt. Overall, we think it’s a really cracking Autumnal beer, something which drinks really well at this time of year and looks really different in glass.”

Round Corner Brewing’s CEO and Co-Founder, Combie Cryan said: “We love wheat beers here at Round Corner Brewing, so producing another new variety of one is really exciting for us. As a brewery we’re always looking and thinking about what the next logical beer for us to produce is and given the time of year we’re in and with the temperatures dropping, we felt a delicious Cherry Wheat Beer would match it.

“We believe this delicate beer is going to be enjoyed by our customers in the taproom, at home or in one of the many venues already wanting to stock it, we believe this delicate beer which has a slight tart and dry finish will fill them with joy.

“We’ll be exclusively launching Witchery in our Taproom on Friday evening and pouring across the weekend, before distributing it far and wide to our customers so they can also share some Cherry Wheat Beer love.”


Round Corner Brewing believes craft beer is all about the relentless pursuit of perfection and it’s this pursuit that drives the brewery to make Uncommonly Good Beer.

Founded in 2018 by Colin Paige and Combie Cryan, Round Corner Brewing have been awarded numerous gold, silver and bronze medals at some of the most prestigious awards in the world. These include The European Beer Challenge, International Brewing Awards and The World Beer Awards. Most notably Round Corner Brewing were awarded the World’s Best Ale & Gold medal at The 2021 International Brewing Awards for their Pale Ale, Steeplechase.

Press release from Round Corner Brewing.

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