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11th November 2020

Love your local. Have one for yourself!

As Samuel Johnson once said. ‘There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern.’ We at Hanlons Brewery emphatically agree with the considered opinion of such an esteemed scholar and would also humbly add that we too, ‘bloody love pubs’.

Recent events have proved to be a uniquely challenging experience for the U.K’s Hospitality sector and in particular the pubs which make up a huge part of our national life. As well as providing jobs for millions of people, contributing greatly to the economic success of our country and giving customers a respite from the stresses of modern life, pubs also offer something less tangible but just as vital. Pubs provide communities containing people from all walks of life with a focal point, a constant, an extension of their own home. An identity.

In this spirit, we have been racking our brains in order to come up with a way of offering some support to our friends in the trade during this difficult time and have devised a scheme which we call ‘Love Your Local’. It is unfortunate that under current circumstances it is difficult for everyone to visit their local in person and therefore we at Hanlons are offering a unique, ‘virtual pub’ experience to our online customers. Anyone purchasing beer from our website will be able to say ‘have one for yourself’ to their local pub via a unique code and in return Hanlons will donate 10% of the sales price of any goods straight to the pub itself.

We, like everyone else, hope that we can all get back to the hustle and bustle of a packed pub soon. Nothing compares to buzz of a Saturday evening in your local whilst enjoying a pint of Yellow Hammer (or two!) but until things return to normal, we would like to help our fantastic industry in any way we can. Anyone else who wants to raise a glass and say ‘have one for yourself’ to any participating pub can do so by logging onto and showing some love for their local!

Dan Taylor – Hanlons Owner

Press release from Halons