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1st March 2013

Made with British Hops


The British Hop Association has launched a new logo for Brewers to use on pump clips, bottle labels and marketing materials that confirms the provenance of the hops in their beer.

Ali Capper of the British Hop Association said “As a result of our recent work to promote British Hops, brewers were getting in contact wanting to promote the Britishness of their beer and I realised that we needed a new customer-facing logo. We’ve created something that will work at very small or larger sizes, that is clearly British and that promotes the provenance of British Hops”.

James Clarke of Hook Norton was one of the first brewers to use the logo on the sales presenters for their new Lion beer launch. James is very committed to the British provenance of his beer and is committed to sourcing his hops from the UK. “Wherever possible we believe in supporting the UK hop industry. Every year we visit hop merchants and hop farms to assess the quality of the hops and the aroma. The new “Made with British Hops” logo allows us to promote our pride in British Hops.”

The new logo can be downloaded from the home page of


Press Release and Logo attached.


For further information +44 (0)7973 562139

Note to Editors:

The British Hop Association, formerly the National Hop Association, was formed in 1996 to ensure that the industry has a coordinated approach to its activities and in particular the research and development of new hop varieties through its subsidiary Wye Hops. The BHA is a limited company, with two Directors from each of the 3 growers selling groups sitting on its Board. The Growers Groups are: English Hops Ltd, Hawkbrand Hops Ltd & Wealden Hops Ltd. The British Hop Association is the forum by which growers make representation to the UK Government, the EC, international & national industry committees. The BHA has a website that provides information on British Hops for brewers and merchants around the world

Handcrafted in the Cotswold Hills since 1849, Hook Norton remains one of only 32 independent family-run breweries.  With the founder’s great great grandson, James Clarke, still at the helm, Hook Norton continues to offer a wide range of award winning ales, including Old Hooky, Hooky and Double Stout.

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Alison Capper

Stocks Farm