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26th January 2012


Marston’s is set to launch 12 craft-brewed single hop cask ales made with exotic hops sourced from around the world.

The unique 2012 programme will see a delicious 4% ABV beer brewed each month with a different carefully-selected single hop, some never seen before in UK brewing.

The concept for the exciting range comes from a desire to satisfy consumer hunger for different taste experiences, allowing pub drinkers the opportunity to understand how ingredients like hops influence beer flavour, whilst providing a talking point around cask ales.

Marston’s Category Manager Ian Ward said: “Hops are the ‘herbs and spices’ of beer and each hop has its own special flavour and fragrance – they impart their unique character in manner similar to grapes in wine. Most beers use a mixture of hops, so by producing an ale from a single hop, we are allowing drinkers and trade customers to understand what makes flavour and how it works.

“We’ve very carefully selected hops from passionate growers around the world, and will be providing plenty of information around the provenance and history of each for pubs to use as well as asking for feedback so we can find out which varieties score well.”

The beers will be golden pale ales and will appeal to existing cask ale drinkers, women and new cask drinkers alike.

Two of the hops, Wai-iti and Kohatu from New Zealand, are completely new to the UK brewing scene. The range includes hops like Galaxy, from Australia, Marynka from Poland, Strisselspalt from France and Citra from the US.

The background to each limited-edition monthly brew will be made to the same recipe, by Assistant Head Brewer Simon Yates

Simon added: “By using the same basic recipe, with only the hop changing, we will be allowing the unique tastes and qualities of each hop to shine through.  It will be a very different, but intriguing taste experience that will naturally appeal to people passionate about taste and ingredients.”

Marston’s own Cask Report, produced earlier this year, identified the need to create more of a talking point around cask ale on the bar in order for it to continue its upward trend.  Creating a single hop ale, the brewery hopes, will give bar staff and drinkers something thought-provoking to discuss at the bar.

Mark Carter, Senior Drinks Category Manager at Marston’s Inns and Taverns, the managed house arm of the business said: “This new range of single hop ales meets a consumer desire for new, authentic and different experiences – we have seen this in food and wine and can now satisfy our consumers when it comes to cask ales.”

The ales will be available on a first-come, first-served basis as they will be brewed in a limited run, partly due to the small yields of some of the more experimental hops varieties being used.  All hops have been sourced through Paul Corbett of hop merchant Charles Faram, and selected by Marston’s production director Richard Westwood.

Each month, Simon Yates will blog about that month’s brew on the Marston’s website.  In-pub POS, pump clips, posters, door stickers and table-talkers will be available to pubs to support the beers, helping staff and drinkers understand more about each one.

Richard Westwood said: “We are always trying something different to create interest for our customers. This year-long programme is unique and not only allows us to showcase our brewing skills but also to illustrate the beauty and impact that hops from around the world can have.”


For more details contact Liz Slee on 07968 411373 or email


The programme will be as follows:

January – Wai-ti from New Zealand, with an aroma of mandarin, lemon and lime zest.

February – Galaxy from Australia, with an aroma of passionfruit and citrus

March – East Kent Golding, from England, with an aroma of spices, honey and caramel

April – Hallertau Mittelfruh, from Germany, with a floral, grassy, herbal aroma

May – Cascade, from the US, with an aroma of grapefruit, lychee and peach

June – Marynka, from Poland, with a herbal, berry fruit and floral aroma

July – Styrian, from Slovenia, with an aroma of lemon, citrus and perfume

August – Strisselpalt, from France, with a delicate floral and herbal aroma

September – New Zealand, with an aroma of gooseberry, grapefruit and citrus

October – Citra from the US, with an aroma of tropical fruit, mango and lime

November – Kohatu from New Zealand, with a floral pine and tropical fruit aroma

December – Saaz from the Czech Republic, lightly floral with an earthy and cinnamon aroma