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18th April 2024

McColl’s Brewery Leads Nationwide Collaboration to Champion Men’s Mental Health

A North East brewery is leading a nationwide campaign to help raise money and awareness on men’s mental health.

McColl’s Brewery, based in Bishop Auckland, has launched the Mayday project – a national collaboration with six other breweries and 25 venues across the UK – to reduce the stigma surrounding men’s mental health, get people talking, and raise as much money as possible for three great causes.

The initiative will include a range of special edition beers being sold in each of the participating venues – including the Free Trade in Newcastle, Rutland Arms in Sheffield and Fuggles Beer Cafe in Tunbridge Wells – from April 26th. Beers will also be sold on McColl’s Brewery’s website for anyone wishing to support the campaign and enjoy great beer.

15p from every can and pint sold will be divided between men’s health causes Man Up?, The Grieving Pint and Men’s Pie Club – once the beers have sold out.

” This project is a way to help men to talk, get out the situation they’re in and realise there’s help out there. We want to develop the conversation and try to break down the macho stigma of blokes and beer. “

Owner of McColl’s Brewery, Danny McColl, and head brewer, Simon Whittington, have spearheaded the project.

“It’s something that’s really close to my heart,” said Danny, who suffers with ongoing mental health issues and who already works with Men’s Pie Club.

“For me, it was work-life balance which swelled into making my mental health a massive issue. The workload became a crucial tipping point. I was overwhelmed.

“This project is a way to help men to talk, get out the situation they’re in and realise there’s help out there. We want to develop the conversation and try to break down the macho stigma of blokes and beer.

“We’re urging people to support the campaign and visit one of the participating venues for a pint from April 26th.”

The team at McColl’s Brewery have been travelling to breweries around the country, raising awareness and producing top-class beers for the campaign. The Mayday beers include:

Roosters Brewery Co. x McColl’s Brewery Perfect Circle – 4.3% Session Cold IPA

Moor Beer x McColl’s Brewery Changing Minds – 2.5% Hoppy Table Beer

McColl’s Brewery x Abbeydale Brewery. Signal – 5.5% Extra Hoppy Beir

Brew York x McColl’s Brewery A Problem Shared – 5.8% West Coast IPA

Attic Brew Co. x McColl’s Brewery Life Raft – 3.8% Session Pale

Anspach & Hobday x McColl’s Brewery Parachute Pale – 4.5% Pale Ale

Simon said: “It’s been amazing to see that although every brewery produces beer, everyone goes about it in a slightly different way.”

“It’s been a pleasure to launch the Mayday project and to share a common goal of raising much needed funds and awareness for men’s mental health charities.

“We hope this project will help to break any stigma associated with men’s mental health and encourage people to have those difficult conversations. The support is out there to help people through whatever struggles they’re facing.”

Chris Smith, Programme Manager at Men’s Pie Club, said: “The Mayday project builds on McColl’s innovative efforts in using the inherent value of beer and its wider community to connect people and to facilitate conversations in an approachable and accessible way.

“It also offers us an invaluable means of sharing our community with those nationwide, enabling fresh eyes on our work while celebrating the amazing efforts that our guys have put in, week in, week out, for the last six years.

“It is heart-warming to see that men’s mental health is no longer being overlooked, and the Mayday Project has the potential to put the messages of Men’s Pie Club, Man Up?, The Grieving Pint and similar projects into the glasses of people across the country. If this sparks even one more important chat, helps one more person, then it will already have been worth it.’

The Mayday project is proudly sponsored by BarthHaasX, a leading hop supplier to the brewing industry.

Notes to Editors

Established back in 2016 by Daniel and Gemma McColl, McColl’s Brewery was created to bring their North East warmth, a love of easy drinking beers and their passion for open and welcoming hospitality to being. To be involved in all aspects of a product, from its creation right through to its dispense and see the joy it can bring, is a special and fortunate position that makes us tick.

We love where we are from, the North East, and we are really proud to have the brewery and taproom situated within the small working class village community of Evenwood, near Bishop Auckland, County Durham.

The brewery, which houses our 32 hectolitre brewhouse (capable of making over 6000 pints per batch) produces a wide variety of easy drinking craft beers. From initial concept to final packaging and then on to service we take great care to make sure our beers make their way to you in the best possible condition, full of flavour, taste, aroma and body – as we fully intend.
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Image: Danny McColl (Owner of McColl’s Brewery), Simon Whittington (head brewer), Chris Smith (Programme Manager at Men’s Pie Club)

Contact: Danny McColl

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