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12th February 2017



Meantime Brewery Fresh tanks installed at the newly re-opened Nicholson’s pub in Holborn

Greenwich-based modern brewer Meantime Brewing Company introduces its ‘Brewery Fresh’ tank beer to the historic Sir Christopher Hatton pub in iconic Hatton Gardens. The brand new tanks bring Meantime Brewery Fresh Lager straight from the tank, offering beer fans the opportunity to enjoy a pint of Brewery Fresh Lager that tastes as fresh as the day it was made.


Dispensed straight from specially engineered, custom built tanks, Brewery Fresh Lager is delivered by Meantime’s tankers direct from the maturation vessels within the brewery in Greenwich to the tanks in outlet, creating a unique way of serving beer. The beer is a well-rounded and smooth lager with enhanced flavours and aromas.


The Brewery Fresh Lager continues to mature in the tanks, allowing the flavours to develop even whilst it’s in the pub. The process also means the beer has no contact with oxygen until it hits the glass, ensuring ultimate freshness. Meantime has pioneered the integration of Brewery Fresh tanks into bars and pubs within the UK since 2013, and expect the number of installations to increase throughout 2017. In 2016, Meantime decided to expand its Brewery Fresh offering by being the first in the UK to introduce Brewery Fresh Pale Ale, a tank-dispensed version of its increasingly-popular London Pale Ale, into four outlets in London.


To celebrate the newest Brewery Fresh tank installation, Meantimes held a public launch party at Sir Christopher Hatton on Thursday 2nd February from 5.30-7.30pm. The first 100 people that arrived in the outlet received a free half pint of Brewery Fresh Lager and a personalised bottle of London Pale Ale. Customers were able to meet members of the Meantime team including tour guide ‘Big Al’, who was in the pub providing samples of Brewery Fresh Lager and explaining the unique Brewery Fresh dispense process.


Rich Myers, Marketing Director at Meantime Brewing said:


“Our uniquely designed Brewery Fresh tanks ensure that our beers retain the complex flavour the brewer originally set out to create. We use the latest technology to transport our beer straight from the maturation vessels, to the Brewery Fresh tanks, and ultimately into the glass, meaning it is the freshest beer you can find. Where other industrial lagers go through long processes that diminish their flavours, Meantime Brewery Fresh answers the call of the discerning drinker for a quality beer full of flavour and fresh as if pulled from the tanks in Greenwich.”


Ciaran Giblin, Meantime’s Brew Master, concluded:


“I like to think there is only one place to really drink beer – straight from the maturation vessels in our brewery. With Brewery Fresh Lager, Meantime has found the brewers’ Holy Grail; this beer is unfiltered, naturally carbonated, unpasteurised and as fresh as it could be, served direct from tanks in your local. It tastes just as good as it does when I drink it in the brewery.”


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For more information about Meantime Brewing Company

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Don Ferguson | | 07801 886 518

James Bunting | | 07843 929 932



About Meantime:

Meantime Brewery was founded sixteen years ago in Greenwich, London. The brewer is now one of the UK’s largest modern craft brewers and still continues to make its beers in the same way, having built a state-of-the-art brewery in 2010.  There are ten bottled beers in Meantime’s core bottled range: London Lager, London Pale Ale, Pilsner, Yakima Red, IPA, London Porter, Chocolate Porter, Wheat beer, Raspberry Wheat and London Stout. The brand also packages its London Lager, London Pale Ale, Yakima Red, Pilsner and Wheat on draught. Meantime is now stocked in over 1500 on-trade outlets as well as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, M&S and Tesco.


About Nicholson’s

Founded in 1873 by William Nicholson; Nicholson’s Pubs extend across the UK with pubs in most major city centres locations. Nicholson’s prides itself on the colourful history and the striking architecture of each individually designed pub in the collection. With a timeless atmosphere and character by the barrelful, it’s the perfect place to try an ale from the widest selection available, enjoy a gin from some of the most unique gin producers in the country and tuck into some hearty food. From an after work drink with colleagues, to having a drink with friends whilst visiting an historic city or enjoying a quality pub lunch or evening meal with family, every occasion can be a Nicholson’s one.


Find out more about your local Nicholson’s by visiting, following on twitter @Nicholsonspubs, or visiting the Facebook page