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28th January 2015

Metalman Brewing Becomes Ireland’s First Microcanning Craft Brewer

Metalman Pale Ale can (507x800)

Metalman Brewing microbrewery counts on Cask Brewing Systems equipment and aluminum cans for its packaged beers and growth


(Waterford, Ireland) – Cask Brewing Systems, makers of the small-scale canning machinery that enabled America’s canned craft beer phenomenon, is now supplying equipment to Ireland’s first microcanning craft brewery.


Waterford’s Metalman Brewing Company installed Cask’s Automatic Canning System (ACS) machine in its microbrewery last month. This week the brewery placed the first cans of its Metalman Pale Ale in Ireland stores.


“We researched both bottles and cans thoroughly,” says co-founder and brewer Grainne Walsh. “We felt that cans were a better choice in terms of the quality of the finished product, the lower cost of shipping, and easier handling at the brewery versus glass.”


Canned craft beers are enjoying growing popularity in the United States. In 2014, US sixpack and twelve pack sales of canned craft beers were up 89% and 79% respectively, compared to 16% growth for bottled sixpacks and twelve packs.


“Canned craft beer is the hottest craft beer package in North America,” says Cask founder Peter Love. “It’s now taking off in the UK, the handful of breweries canning with our gear there are seeing rapid boosts in sales. We expect Metalman to see a similar quick success in Ireland with its pioneering cans.”


Cask’s novel machinery made the canned craft beer revolution possible in the US and around the globe.


In 2002 Cask made its first sale to a US microbrewer, Oskar Blues Brewery & Pub, in Colorado, USA. The first US microbrewer to brew and can its own beer, the tiny brewpub quickly became one of the fastest-growing breweries in the US.


According to the Brewers Association (the US trade group for craft brewers),

today over 400 of America’s nearly 3000 small and independent craft brewers are canning all or some of their beers. lists about 1500 US canned craft beers in a wide array of beer styles.


Cask’s affordable manual, semi-automated and automated canning systems are

now used by over 350 small breweries, wineries, cider makers and drinks manufacturers in 25 nations worldwide.


Walsh says Cask Brewing Systems made it simple for Metalman to enter the microcanning segment.  “Cask has a well-defined product and pricing structure, which made it very easy for us to assess the machinery they offer,” she says. “They were also very responsive and readily available if we had questions.”


“We were also able,” Walsh adds, “to visit breweries in the UK using the same Cask machinery that we were thinking of buying, and we visited them at different stages in their canning adventures. So that helped us make the decision as to which machinery to go with.”


“We did look at other suppliers,” she says, “but they couldn’t tick as many boxes for us as Cask.”


While Metalman will be a microcanning trailblazer in Ireland, Walsh feels her brewery’s customers are ready for full-flavored, small-batch beer in cans.


“A lot of groundwork has already been done by the microbreweries in other countries that can their beer,” she says, “and by the distributors that bring them into Ireland. Our distributor carries canned beers from Brewdog, Brooklyn Brewery and Beavertown, so their retailers are already familiar with the microbrewery can format.”


Fourcorners distributes Metalman’s beers in Ireland.


Metalman started in 2011 by contract brewing its beer at another microbrewery  while Walsh built the brewery in Waterford. “It was just me to start with,” she says. “My other half, Tim Barber, took one for the team and stayed at his sensible money earning job for our first couple of years to pay the bills.”


In 2012 Metalman began brewing at its brewery and has completed two expansion projects since then. Metalman employs six people andproduces about 15 different seasonal and one-off beers on its 6.5 hectoliter system.


Cask Brewing Systems (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) has been providing innovative brewing equipment and affordable solutions for craft brewers for over thirty years.


For more details on Cask’s gear and trailblazing history, photos, interviews and other information, contact Marty Jones at 00-1-303-860-7448 (office), 00-1-720-289-9345 (cell) or Or visit .