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23rd March 2012

Minimum pricing ‘welcome if it promotes pubs’ says SIBA

Commenting on the Government’s announcement today on a minimum unit price for alcohol, Keith Bott, chairman of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) said: “SIBA was the first industry body to cautiously welcome the idea of minimum pricing when it was introduced. We therefore welcome today’s announcement –  so long as the policy is implemented in a way that genuinely helps to close the gap between beer prices in the off- and on-trade, and encourages people back into the pub.

“We, along with other industry bodies, have for years been promoting the pub as the home of responsible drinking and draught beer as a lower-alcohol drink, to be enjoyed as part of a social interaction rather than as an end in itself.  Beer drinking in pubs stands in marked contrast to the consumption of higher alcohol drinks in unsupervised environments and we are pleased that the Government is finally recognising this distinction.

“We await further details of the minimum pricing policy and trust that as it is developed, our industry is able to keep control, so that it is not captured by the temperance movement, nor used as a cash cow.”


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