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17th December 2020

Mondo Brewing Company Releases Its Long-Awaited Galileo Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

After over a year in the making, Mondo Brewing Company, based in South West London, has released its limited-edition Galileo Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, brewed in collaboration with California-based Heretic Brewing.

Available to enjoy just in time for Christmas, the stout comes in at a punchy 10% ABV. The beer was first brewed in early 2019 with an old friend of Mondo’s founders, Jamil at Heretic Brewery, before being aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels for 18 months and conditioned on cacao nibs. The team then re-brewed a clean version, blending it back and dialling in a boozy and rich flavour profile from both sides of the Atlantic. Galileo is a beer that is certainly worth the wait.

Mondo’s Co-Founder and Head Brewer Thomas Palmer says “Jamil has been a friend of the brewery for close to five years. We’d made three different beers together up to this point and barrel-aging a unique stout was a logical conclusion for a fourth. He recommended over-aging to 18 months in barrel and blending back with a clean version of the same beer, to achieve a unique flavour profile unattainable by just aging. This beer will just get better and better.”

The Galileo Imperial Stout is available now via in 12 and 24 packs, and Build Your Own packs, ideal for Christmas gifting. See Mondo’s web shop for more info, including a limited-edition Luke Drozd poster.

Press release from Cru Communications on behalf of Mondo Brewing

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