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11th July 2017

Music to their beers, brewery helps fund radio station with cash from collaboration beer

Drinking good beer is well known for lifting the spirits, but one brewer also wants it to bring music to the ears.


Kent-based Pig & Porter Brewing Co is using its latest collaboration brew to give peer-to-peer support to an internet radio station.


Primordial Süp, a 4.4% Session IPA, was made with the help of presenters from rock and metal music station Primordial Radio. Pig & Porter will donate £15 per keg sold to the station, adding to its recent crowdfunding bid.


“We used to listen to Primordial Radio’s predecessor, TeamRock, while we were brewing. As well as playing great music we liked the way the presenters did things so we thought why not help them get their new station off the ground?” says Pig & Porter’s Sean Ayling.


Staff at TeamRock lost their jobs last year when the station closed down.


Sean added, “We know the challenges of getting started in a new venture so it seemed like a good idea to reward the chaps from Primordial Radio, who helped make the beer, so they can carrying on providing us with a soundtrack to brew to.”


Primordial Süp is available now, in keg only, nationally from Eebria and direct from Pig & Porter Brewing Co for local delivery by calling 01892 615 071.




Images: Download the pumpclip for Primordial Süp via this link:


All follow up enquires, contact: Sean Ayling on 07931 573 425; or Robin Wright on 07880 500843.



Editors’ notes


  • Primordial Süp is pronounced ‘primordial soup’ because the umlaut (the two dots!) over the letter ‘u’ changes the sound of the word from sup to soup, but Primordial Sup is also a good name for a beer.


  • Primordial Süp is a 4.4% session IPA, in a similar vein to Pig & Porter Brewing Co’s bestselling Skylarking Session IPA, but made with fruitier hops. Tasting notes describe the beer as having elements of stone fruit and a whiff of citrus, from hop varieties: Ahtanum, Eukanot and Zythos.


  • Moose, Dewsbury, Pete and Engineer Mark of Primordial Radio went to Pig & Porter’s Tunbridge Wells base to brew the beer on 16th June, a year to the day after they were made redundant from TeamRock.