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8th June 2017


With Beer Day Britain being all about celebrating our national alcoholic drink, the West Berkshire Brewery is presenting beer lovers with a treat. It’s an ale with an air of mystery –  truly a one-off brew.

Stegri’s Enigma has been brewed with a hop that is so new and so experimental that it has no name. The trial hop piqued the interest of West Berkshire brewers Steve Munro and Griff Maggs who reckoned that this rare example of nature’s bounty should be celebrated in the traditional fashion.


“We love a challenge here at WBB and when we do something, we do it wholeheartedly. So we’ve not tiptoed round the cask with this brew, the experimental hop is crammed into our Beer Day ale, promising cart loads of flavour,” explains Griff.


“The result is hybridized pale ale, 4.2%, with a malty background. The supplies of this hop are extremely limited, so this ale will never be brewed again. It’s a Beer Day 2017 one-off.”


Even the name of the ale is a little enigmatic, although careful readers will have noticed that the moniker bears a close resemblance to the forenames of the two brewers, proving that that this is a beer close to their hearts.


Some 120 firkins of Stegri’s Enigma have been brewed ready for release to pubs on June 12th, just in time for beer day on June 15th and the subsequent Father’s Day weekend.


“Real beer lovers need to quaff a pint of this,” says Griff. “It’s now or never.”


Stegri’s Enigma is available in 9 gallon casks direct from West Berkshire Brewery.  To receive further information on this and the other West Berkshire Brewery beers, including Good Old Boy, Mister Chubb’s and Mister Swift’s, please call 01635 202968 or visit



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