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26th August 2021

Neptune Brewery Announces Trident Collaboration Project

North Liverpool’s Neptune Brewery has launched the Trident Collaboration Project, a three-way venture that aims to celebrate three distinct, yet entwined, aspects of the craft beer industry:

1. The people behind the brewery, the lasting professional and personal friendships that endure, and the new ones forged.

2. British brewing ingredients and the producers behind them, particularly in light of recent shared struggles, with an emphasis on shining a light on the majesty of English hops.

3. The dedication and talents of women in beer.

To launch this collaboration project, they have partnered with East London’s The Five Points Brewing Company and Whitelock’s Ale House in Leeds to brew an English IPA.

Collaboration: The Story

The invitation for the collaboration came from the shared brewing ethos of Neptune and Five Points, which extends to the style of beers that both breweries enjoy making. With a Neptune event already in the making with Five Points’ sister venue Whitelock’s as part of the Leeds International Beer Festival 2021 celebrations, it was only natural to incorporate a collaboration into the mix and brew a three-way special beer together.

The project was spearheaded by the newest addition to the Neptune Brewery team, Chess Slattery. A Beer Sommelier with six years experience in the industry, Chess joined as Neptune’s Sales & Beer Experience Manager earlier this year. Having begun her full-time beer career at Five Points back in 2016, Chess was keen to partner with her old colleagues on the project.

“You hear the trope being peddled time and time again about how supportive and cooperative the folks in the beer industry are, but in my experience, it really is true. It’s something we’re committed to at Neptune and I knew my old pals at Five Points would be enthused about this project and its aims. Add to that Whitelock’s passion to champion women in beer, which very much mirrors our own commitment as a female co-owned brewery, and we had the perfect team for the Trident Collaboration.”

The Beer: Atlanna

In early August 2021, Greg Hobbs (Co-founder and Head Brewer at Five Points), Alana Lim (Brewer) from Five Points and Beth Templeton, the Assistant General Manager from Whitelock’s brewed an English IPA at the Neptune brewhouse in North Liverpool.

Both committed to reaffirming their support of British malt and hop producers, an enthusiastic email exchange ensued between Greg and Neptune Head Brewer Les O’ Grady about which English hops to use. There could only be one beer style for the Trident Collaboration.

Greg says: “Being invited to brew an English IPA with Neptune Brewery was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the best of our industry: seeing old friends and making new ones, paying homage to our brewing heritage and ingredients, and championing women in beer.”

The beer was brewed with British Golden Promise and Crystal malts, alongside Admiral, Endeavour and Bramling Cross hops and is a 5% modern take on the traditional style.

It boasts a delicious sweet pie-crust base, balanced by quintessentially earthy and spicy English hop notes, with invigorating citrus character and a pleasing bitter finish.

Called Atlanna, named after the warrior queen of Atlantis who proudly wielded the five-pointed trident, this perfectly represents the coming together of two brewing spirits. Atlanna’s strength and leadership mirrors the unyielding dedication and talents of women in beer, championed in this collaboration.

Beth speaks on her involvement in the project: “We were honoured to be invited along as part of the Trident Collaboration with Neptune, alongside our Five Points family. It felt extra special to be brewing in celebration of women in beer and especially after the difficult times we’ve all had recently, it was great to get stuck in with a group of lovely like-minded folk, to come together to create a new and delicious beer, showcasing the best of British ingredients.”

Greg added: “We had a great trip to Liverpool, a great day brewing Atlanna, and are very much looking forward to the launch at Whitelock’s on the 1st September!”

The Pours: Leeds, Liverpool & London

Atlanna will have its debut at Whitelock’s/Turk’s Head in Leeds on Wednesday 1st September, 2021, with all members of the Trident Collaboration in attendance. Atlanna will take centre stage, alongside seven other Neptune beers, and some Five Points firm favourites. There will also be a special dish created by the Whitelock’s kitchen to pair with the beer.

It will then pour all weekend at the 9th Leeds International Beer Festival, which takes place between the 2nd-5th September at the Leeds Town Hall.

Atlanna will also be pouring at a celebratory event at The Grapes, Roscoe Street in Liverpool on Wednesday 15th September.

Atlanna’s London pour will be at The Five Points’ own Pembury Tavern in Hackney.

Julie O’ Grady, co-owner of Neptune and founder of Ladies That Beer, an inclusive social and educational group for women to enjoy beer, said: “I’m excited to have these events happening, which is the perfect way to finish off the Trident Collaboration, and I’m proud to be able to highlight other women in the beer industry and the excellent job they do.”

Atlanna will initially be available exclusively at the Leeds and Liverpool events, as well as at LIBF and The Five Points’ own Pembury Tavern in London.
It will then be on general sale and available in cask, keg and can from mid-September, 2021.

Join us for the First Pour of Atlanna

Atlanna will make its debut on Wednesday, 1st September 2021 at Whitelock’s/Turk’s Head in Leeds.
Representatives from both breweries and Beth will be in attendance to chat about the beer and a special food pairing will also be offered.

Neptune will also take over more taps and there will be a raffle for some brewery prizes. Entry is free.
Images from the brew day and of the beer branding can be found here.

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About Neptune Brewery:
Neptune Brewery has been brewing modern beers, inspired by tradition, in North Liverpool since 2015 and are proudly independent.

Their beers are naturally conditioned and all the “uns” – that’s unfiltered, unpasteurised and unfined – ensuring the greatest flavour in each brew. It also means their beers are vegan friendly as they want as many people as possible to enjoy them.

They brew a core range of popular and accessible beers accompanied by an eclectic and ever-changing rotation of seasonals, rarities and collaborations – available in cask, keg and cans.

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