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26th June 2020

Never Skim an ERDINGER

ERDINGER Weissbräu unveils new TV commercial with Jürgen Klopp

What purpose does the froth on a beer actually serve? Is it important, is it a sign of quality? Or can you get rid of it? None other than Jürgen Klopp answers these questions in ERDINGER Weissbräu’s latest TV commercial. With his passionate appeal to “never skim an ERDINGER”, he leaves the viewer in no doubt that froth and wheat beer are as inseparable as Jürgen Klopp and football. 

The story

In a packed pub, fans are watching a football match – there’s a goalscoring opportunity and the crowd draw a collective breath. The tension is written all over Klopp’s face. And then release – the ball’s in the net and the place erupts. And Jürgen? He shouts STOP! Silence, baffled faces. The camera pans to Klopp, who raises his finger and says to the bartender: Never skim an ERDINGER! Relief spreads as the bartender throws down the beer blade. And Jürgen? He enjoys a long swig of his perfectly poured ERDINGER Weissbier. 

The background

The private brewery in Erding has been committed to the uncompromising quality of its wheat beers since 1886. This quality is founded on the Bavarian Purity Law, the finest ingredients, and a fiercely guarded recipe from the early days of the brewery. And ERDINGER tops this off with something very special: the so-called “Bayerische Edelreifung”, or double maturity method. The head is the crowning glory of a well-poured wheat beer and reveals a lot about its quality. The fine bubbles of the froth should give it an almost creamy consistency – the thicker, the better.

ERDINGER wheat beers are an ideal addition to Britain’s beer culture. Young people in particular attach great importance to quality and tradition.

Connoisseurs understand that ERDINGER is more than just a wheat beer – this Bavarian speciality stands for a whole attitude to life.

The commercial

The ERDINGER commercial was directed by the award-winning director Hans Steinbichler; production by Bayerl & Partner Film. The 30-second ad was filmed in the legendary pub Dovedale Towers in what is probably Liverpool’s best-known street: Penny Lane. Paul McCartney and John Lennon played here with the Beatles and Freddie Mercury once lived above the bar. Marcus Korte, Export Director of ERDINGER Weissbräu, explains: “We made a conscious decision to film the commercial in the ‘Dovey’. Firstly, because Jürgen lives here in Liverpool and secondly because it underlines the ERDINGER Weissbier brand’s commitment to the on-trade. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s an English pub, a German inn or a Bavarian beer garden.”

The commercial can be seen from July 2020 on all major broadcasting with a focus on the northwest. 

The campaign

The TV commercial marks the start of an ERDINGER campaign tailored to the UK featuring Jürgen Klopp. A powerful digital strategy with a unique content hub focusing on Jürgen Klopp will be at the heart of the campaign.

The hub is all about wheat beer enjoyment, including the right way to pour and a perfect head, football, but also about the private person Jürgen Klopp. The campaign will be accompanied by high-profile promotion activities for the trade.

“With the ‘Never skim an ERDINGER’ campaign and Jürgen Klopp as an outstanding brand ambassador at our side, we aim to create a new impetus which will enable us to position wheat beer as a highly desirable speciality throughout the UK market,” explains Marcus Korte.

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