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7th May 2021

New Beer From Mothership: TEXT ME WHEN UR HOME IPA

For too long, women have been taking the longer route home, keys clutched in their fist. They have made sure not to dress too provocatively – don’t make eye contact because you wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression, right? We believe that women of all ages have the right walk where they like, dress how they like. We believe that women have the right to live without fear.

A donation from each sale of this beer goes to Rosa, a grant-making charity that funds grassroots women’s organisations working to make the UK a fairer, safer place for women and girls –

A 6% hazy IPA, with slightly more bitterness than you’d expect from a New England. Mostly tropical vibes from the hops but with a touch of dank.

Available formats:
400ml can
30L kegstar


Mothership is an all female beer collective, we champion women in craft beer.

Press release from Mothership

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