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8th September 2022

New brew Eases Up on gluten

Suffolk-based brewery, Adnams, has tweaked the brewing process for its ever-popular golden session IPA, Ease Up, to make it a certified gluten-free beer.

An enzyme called Clarex, which breaks down gluten type proteins, is added into the fermentation vessels, where it mixes well during a normal, vigorous fermentation. This reduces the gluten content to below 20 parts per million (ppm), meeting the standard to be officially labelled as gluten-free. The beer is tested at the end of fermentation and then it undergoes a thorough external validation process before being confirmed as gluten-free.

Packed with citrus flavours from bright aromatic hops, Ease Up is inspired by IPA style beers from the US but with a lower ABV. Resinous flavours of pine shine through, complemented by fruity notes of peach, melon, and juicy grapefruit. These fruity palate cleansing flavours work brilliantly with spicy chicken wings or Thai curry.

Now gluten-free, this change to the brewing process has not affected the flavour in any way.

Head Brewer, Dan Gooderham said: “We have actually been using this enzyme with Ease Up for almost a year now, while we put our validation processes in place and finalised branding. It has been out in the world for some time, but we can now finally share it with a new group of beer drinkers”.

Adnams Ease Up IPA Gluten Free, 4.6% ABV, is available from for £17.99 for 8x500ml bottles. It is also available in 5 litre mini kegs and on keg.

About Adnams

Founded by George and Ernest Adnams in 1872, Adnams began as a Southwold brewery on the Suffolk coast and has been fiercely independent for the last 150 years. In 2010, Adnams became the first brewery in England to build a distillery on the same site. Its pioneering spirit has enabled Adnams to become a distinctive brewer, distiller, wine merchant, retailer, publican, and hotelier. From its Southwold home, Adnams crafts award-winning premium beers and spirits which are available from its retail stores, managed properties, partner pubs, and in outlets nationwide and overseas. Adnams has long taken pride in its heritage and strong values and is committed

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