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25th February 2022

New Event: Beer Experience – 17 & 18 June 2022 – Antwerp

The beer industry is currently experiencing an impressive boom and for many consumers beer seems to have once again become the centre of attention. New independent micro-breweries are popping up all over Belgium, France and the Netherlands, whilst the long-standing, family-run breweries are also enjoying a new lease of life due to their ability to innovate and excel. The desire by companies to market flavourful, quality beers has never been so strong.

It is essential to slake this thirst for new prospects, knowledge and contacts by exploring new trends and engaging with tomorrow’s players.

That is precisely what the very first BEER EXPERIENCE, scheduled to take place in June in Antwerp, aims to do!

It was only right that Belgium, the go-to country for beer should host the go-to event that complements its ambitions. BEER EXPERIENCE, will offer visitors the opportunity to meet passionate Belgian and foreign exhibitors, discover the new trends and innovations in the beer industry, develop new skills and take part in presentations or workshops curated by trade members. If you’re keen to learn about brewing techniques and find out about innovations in terms of ingredients, services, and development, then BEER EXPERIENCE, should definitely be of interest to you.

Other aspects such as establishing a business and management and development of the beer trade will also be dealt with in detail. What is the best way to approach marketing and sales? What are the most interesting sales markets at the moment? What are the current trends and innovations for packaging? All these questions will be answered at BEER EXPERIENCE.

BEER EXPERIENCE is a premier, two-day event aimed at engaging with others and sharing knowledge, not only amongst brewers but also between brewers and their suppliers. BEER EXPERIENCE is destined to become a meeting point between beer industry members from the Benelux countries and their immediate neighbours in northern France, western Germany and southern England.

In the industrial buildings of the Waagnatie complex, located on the banks of the river Schelde in Antwerp, your thirst for knowledge will be slaked during an event that will place beer at the centre of the attention it deserves. And because the two are inseparable, BEER EXPERIENCE, will also be a great opportunity to share your experiences over a glass of delicious beer!



For all artisanal brewers, from professionals through to beginners and enthusiasts.



Organisation of the BEER EXPERIENCE exhibition is in the capable hands of two renowned companies:

Waagnatie Expo & Events run by André Wens & Nick Veldeman

BeComev: Beer Communications & Events run by Thomas Costenoble & Luc De Raedemaeker



On 17 & 18 June 2022



Waagnatie – Expo & Events, Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerp

Located just a short distance away from Antwerp city centre, the Waagnatie Expo & Events industrial complex

is situated on the banks of the Schelde. The building, which has had a rich maritime history, offers easy access, a large car park and fascinating architecture. It is the ideal venue for hosting BEER EXPERIENCE.


More information at:

Press release from BeComev