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18th September 2013

New film from SIBA

The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) has produced a new film, ‘Building the Future of British Beer’, to showcase both the thriving local brewing industry and SIBA’s work to ensure its continued success.

Filmed at the Great British Beer Festival, the 10-minute film features an interview with SIBA chief executive Julian Grocock.  In his overview of the positive changes in British brewing over the past 30 years, Grocock presents the independent brewery sector as a rare example of a British manufacturing industry in growth, fuelled by innovation from SIBA members,  which has created a beer category of dazzling diversity.

Within the film, Grocock also touches on the role of local breweries at the heart of their communities, providing employment – particularly for young people –  supporting local pubs, and, offering, in draught beer, a relatively low-alcohol drink designed for moderate, sociable consumption.

Turning to SIBA’s work on behalf of its members, Grocock highlights how the organisation’s Direct Delivery Scheme has put local beers onto thousands of bars, by making it easier for pub groups to buy from small brewers. He also talks about SIBA’s political lobbying, pointing to its role in the successful campaign to end the beer duty escalator and its work to achieve, and preserve, Small Breweries’ Relief.

Grocock said, “The aim of this film was to promote the vibrant local brewing sector that SIBA members have created and show how it can contribute to the nation’s economic and social well-being.  It is also in part a recruitment tool, showing microbrewers the benefits of SIBA membership.

“We’re satisfied that the completed film, produced on a fairly modest budget, captures the essence of SIBA and presents us, as the title suggests, as building the future of British brewing.”

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