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1st July 2020

New post-Covid lockdown podcast, celebrating Brussels bars and cafés

From July 1, the Brussels Beer City Podcast joins Brussels residents at their favourite cafés to talk about what it’s like to live in Brussels in 2020

Launching on all major podcast platforms today, the Brussels Beer City Podcast celebrates the things that make Brussels such an exciting and vibrant place to live – its people, and above all, its bars and cafés. The podcast is hosted by Eoghan Walsh, award-winning beer and food writer, creator of the Brussels Beer City blog and a Brussels resident of 10 years.

A true reflection of Brussels today

Each week Eoghan will accompany a Brussels resident to their favourite bar, where they will talk about the importance of the bar to them, and their relationship to Brussels – what they love, what they hate, and why they couldn’t live anywhere else.

The guests of season one of the Brussels Beer City Podcast are people not only from the world of food and drink, but also activists, writers, comedians, politicians entrepreneurs – anglophone, francophone, Dutch-speaking and more besides – a true reflection of Brussels today.

Speaking ahead of the podcast launch, Eoghan said:

“We all have our favourite bar or café in Brussels – and how couldn’t we? They are knitted into the very fabric of the city, from old school brown boozers, to newer craft beer bars, to the many local joints catering to the city’s many minority communities. Although the idea behind the podcast predates the Covid-19 lockdown, I don’t think there’s a better time to make some noise about the places responsible for so many cherished memories, not to mention copious hangovers. 

“The Brussels nightlife scene is in an extremely precarious situation right now, as bar owners attempt to emerge from the catastrophic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their industry. This podcast is just a small way of saying thank you to them for all the good times, as we as Brussels residents cautiously return to our usual haunts.”

1 season, 12 episodes

The Brussels Beer City Podcast goes live on Wednesday morning (July 1), with two interviews, with the remaining episodes of a 12-episode season spread across the summer. Each podcast season is accompanied by artwork commissioned by an illustrator born or based in Brussels. Season 1 features superb guest portraits by illustrator and designer Herlinde Demaerel. The podcast trailer is available now to listen on Apple PodcastsSpotifyPocket Casts and other podcast platforms. You can find the first two podcast episodes, along with media assets for the podcast in a press pack, accessible here.



Eoghan Walsh


About Brussels Beer City

Brussels Beer City was founded by Eoghan Walsh in 2017. Originally a blog, workshops and tours soon followed, centred on Brussels – not just what beers are being brewed, but the past, present and future of beer in Brussels, the bars that give the city such life, and the people behind it all. 

Eoghan’s writing at Brussels Beer City has covered art and graphic design, architecture, mental health, social history, and more. Eoghan was crowned the Best Young Beer Writer 2018 by the British Guild of Beer Writers, and has received multiple medals from the North American Guild of Beer Writers awards. His work has featured in The Irish Times, Good Beer Hunting, and Belgian Beer and Food, and Pellicle.